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Fallout TV Show Could Now Last Five Seasons After ‘Immensely Surprising’ Popularity, Say Creators
  • Absolutely - Nolan and Joy are incredible, Expanse is master class. However, (and I hate to defend them after GOT ending) D&D aren't the worst - but they are nowhere near these two. The first few seasons of GOT is still fantastic TV. 3 Body Problem had a few issues of missteps in adaptation, but I thought they largely did a good job with the pacing, tone and changes so far. I'd still say it's a good and entertaining show, just not as tight as Fallout or Expanse, since I can point out a few things that don't make a lot of sense.

  • ‘They Are Just Pissed Off’: Scott Galloway Warns Young People Are ‘Opting Out of America’ As Older Generations Failed Them
  • It could help if people actually voted. Can't get people to do the bare minimum of show up to a polling location every 2 years and do 20 minutes of research. Good luck getting those same people to quit their jobs and strike while living pay check to pay check.

  • France votes to ban ‘forever chemicals,’ exempting frying pans
  • Don't give up! Fried eggs are much easier. I've got mine on lock. I'll sometimes do the double oil trick with scrambled eggs. I cook mine low and slow, which I think is a little more difficult to get the oil just right. When I do a faster cook and constantly move them, I've had better results.

  • France votes to ban ‘forever chemicals,’ exempting frying pans
  • Try the methods I explained and play with the temps. You may need to get it hotter before the oil, or after you put the oil in. Try getting the oil super hot, tossing it and then putting in new oil and getting that hot. Try messing with the temps each time until you figure it out. Once you do, you'll get a feel for it and have way less trouble. The thickness of your pan plays into how quickly it will heat. I do this same method for my wok but since it's so thin and less conductive, it instantly heats.

    Are you struggling with fried eggs or scrambled?

  • France votes to ban ‘forever chemicals,’ exempting frying pans
  • Actually, you heat the pan without oil first - this is important. To test the temp, you can add a splash of water. The perfect temp is when the water pools together and bounces around. Once the pan is nice and hot, add oil. Let it get hot - use med-high heat. From there it is non-stick and you can adjust to your cooking temp. If you are dealing with really sticky food, you can throw out that initial hot oil, then add some fresh oil, bring it just to cooking temp and add your food. It sounds slightly complicated and takes a little practice, but if you do this, your stainless steel pans will work better than non-stick pans. Also, for deep cleaning your pans, you can soak with spent lemons or oranges and rinds. Can also add baking soda for extra cleaning power. For the outside of your pans, use barkeeper's friend once a year. Incorporate all this and you have excellent buy it for life stainless steel pans.

  • Owlcat founder breaks down RPG budgets and Larian’s impact on genre: “We can’t invest $200 million to make BG3” | Game World Observer
  • I think BG3s success bodes well for Owlcat, since it brings more fans to the niche genre, that just went mainstream.

    Also - Owlcat makes fantastic games. Kingmaker and its sequel, wrath of the righteous are some of the best CRPGs ever made. Pathfinder rules are a little crazy, there are redundant classes, but the character building and customization are a blast. In wrath of the righteous, you get a hero class that you can make completely broken, which is just a ton of fun. Especially considering the lower budget, they accomplished a ton and I've sunk hundreds of hours into their CRPGs.

  • Aldi plans to open 800 new locations in the US as Americans feel pinch of high food prices
  • What kind of bread? The ones near me have over a dozen different kinds, including the sprouted 7 grain with organic ingredients and no enriched flours and that's only like 3-4 a loaf. In my experience, their products were worse when they first came over decades ago, but now they are cheaper and have higher quality items - especially things like bread and chocolate. Their vegetables are like 25% of the cost of other grocery stores here and they're great.

  • What recent video game do you have buyer remorse for?
  • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have not tried those things in BotW and TotK. I got to the water temple in Ocarina of Time and got bored, which I heard was common - sincerely tried to beat it because my childhood friends love the game and were excited for me to get through it. Played 10 mins of Majora's mask and BotW. Watched a bunch of videos of BotW and the new game of people doing cool stuff with bombs and gliders. Just not for me I guess, but I totally see the appeal of them.

    I can definitely see your point about modern action RPGs catering to lots of mechanics that other games do better and the genre is saturated now with different souls-likes that lack any kind of innovation but I guess they are safe to make due to their popularity.

  • This is a major Life Pro Tip
  • I got ridiculed for doing this by my partner. I do it very quickly and vigorously, it just makes a ton of sense to me; I end up being dry faster and more efficiently than going straight to the towel.

  • What recent video game do you have buyer remorse for?
  • This. I think people who enjoy it see every enemy as a puzzle. Even developing your character is a bit of a puzzle, figuring out what stats suit the weapons you like and the play style you're aiming for. Conversely, Zelda is incredibly simple and boring to me. Most of the fights are boop boss on the head 3 times, or throw their own bombs back at them 3 times. The only Zelda I enjoyed was the first one.