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Just A Light Dessert Rule
  • At this point they're literally drug dealers willfully killing people with their product.

    I can't imagine consuming my entire days worth of calories with a single milkshake. It's mentally ill.

  • MediSecure reveals 12.9m Australians had personal data stolen in cyber attack
  • This is exactly why I refused a "My Health Record". Why would I let these incompetent fools create a centralized database of my entire medical history? It's only a matter of time before it's hacked or sold off by conservative or neoliberal vultures.

  • Firefox enables user tracking
  • A bunch of Firefox devs need to leave Mozilla, fork it and start up an actual non-profit not based around monetization. I would happily donate monthly if I knew it were going to Firefox development, instead of the dozen other things Mozilla spends its money on. I'm sure I'm not alone.

  • Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • At this point the US is just a failed state, doing failed state things, because it's a failed state. The writing's been on the wall for decades, but even though I expected the dictatorship within my lifetime since I was a teenager, I never expected it to be so god damned stupid. I expected it to be someone cunning and competent. Not a total fucking moron.

  • Switzerland mandates all software developed for the government be open sourced
  • This is the way it should be. Governments around the world have spent decades enriching big tech with public money, when they could have pooled their resources and built FOSS software that benefited everyone.

    Same goes for science and everything else funded by tax payers.

  • Today, we’re all MAGA
  • If it were 1934 and someone attempted to assassinate Hitler, I wouldn't say "today we're all Nazi's", I'd continue about my day not caring about the piece of shit...

    Trump deserves the same amount of empathy he shows the "others" he vilifies. Zero.

  • Need me some cough syrup
  • When people claim the free market will fix things, the thousands of examples that lead to 99% of regulations are why those people should be laughed at and told to shut the fuck up.

  • How Long Should Hardware/Software Support Last?
  • However, when it comes to any proprietary hardware/software the solution is simple. All companies should be required by law to open source all software and drivers, regardless of age, when the discontinued support; including server side code if the product is dependent on one (massive for gaming).

  • French election gridlock means yet more uncertainty for Europe
  • They're all controlled by the same corporate oligarchy. There is no war but class war. At the end of the day, the major political parties are funded by 95% of the same donors. Fascism is just a means for those oligarchs to do away with the illusion of democracy and achieve even greater power and control.

    All of MSM is acting in unison because the oligarchs have made it abundantly clear that they prefer fascist dictatorship — legitimate democracy is too much of a risk to their wealth and future profitability.

  • Putin calls Taliban Russia's 'ally' in combating terrorism | The Express Tribune

    Russian president acknowledges Afghanistan faces issues that require constant attention from international community

    Putin calls Taliban Russia's 'ally' in combating terrorism | The Express Tribune

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    90's Music WhatAmLemmy

    US3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (1992)

    Funky funky


    Patent Pending


    So, Memmy is broke abandonware now, huh?

    Broke timestamps. Everywhere. New replies will show "10 hrs" while the original comment will show "18 mins".

    When viewing posts I see tons of phantom comments that seemingly have nothing to do with the post or are replying to something when they appear at the top level. Navigating to the post in a web browser shows dozens more comments (not from users I've blocked or anything).

    Formatting of content across posts and comments doesn't match what the site does when I view it in the browser.

    Thanks to the Memmy dev and any contributors, but broken software is broken software.

    So, what's the best alternative these days?


    Punishing Porcelain