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Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 1 Discussion Post
  • I agree with this 100% tbh. Though I also think the pacing is too slow for me. It seems like they want to work everything into the dialog instead of telling us the story visually too. I'm still happy with it so far though.

  • House Flipper 2 - Out Now!
  • Have you played the games? The vast majority of it is just home decorating. It's more of a house cleaning/ decorating sim than anything else.

    It also doesn't glorify selling houses. It idolizes giving someone the best home for their lifestyle.

    I hate landlords and corporations owning single-family homes, but house flipper isn't either of those things.

  • It’s time for Americans to embrace small cars
  • This would only happen if we imposed taxes proportionally on large vehicles (which cause more road damage and pedestrian fatalities). And that won't happen until corporations stop running our country via lobbying (bribery). I would love to see it happen, but I'm not optimistic.

  • People who back into parking spots: Why?
  • You've got all these answers that include "it's easier" and "it's safer". Yet in the same posts they insult people who don't have the same opinion as them. I hate people that back in because it wastes my time waiting for them to maneuver when it's quicker to just pull forward.

    When you're leaving a parking spot and backing out all the same logic applies that these bozos use to justify backing in, but it's more socially acceptable and doesn't require accuracy, which speeds up the process. People that HAVE to back into parking spots are control freaks.