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  • To those curious, do not check out the original post

    Comments are entirely "cloud seeding", "blocking solar radiation with dangerous chemicals", and sensible people arguing for encouraging biodiversity being shut out, a few by Car Man himself

  • Some men...
  • He's not teaching advanced science concepts, you don't need a background in science to teach bog-standard science to children

    Science Guy is there to get kids excited about science, not to enforce scientific rigor

  • "I don't appreciate you Brits using/changing our language without consent"
  • Most differences in UK-US English are due to the US sticking with original pronunciations of words, with changes being made by the UK, OR by the US focusing more on Latin-derived pronunciations of worlds of Latin origin. It's literally "The US didn't change the language drastically, the UK just changed the words and pronunciations of things and decided that the ones who didn't change are wrong"

  • Isekai
  • Isekai is wish fulfillment plus doing worldbuilding and exposition simultaneously without having a disembodied narrator

    It's efficient for the format it takes place in, and why a lot of lazy game narration gives in-world characters amnesia

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • Legit the cheapo plastic screens on the less than $100 phones are the most resilient phones i've ever owned

    I had a chunk of metal fall on one, and the only thing it did was INDENT the screen, the plastic was soft enough to bend rather than just crack

  • yogi knows
  • I still think the bear question is completely loaded

    I would ALWAYS choose the bear. Everyone I know would ALWAYS choose the bear. If the random man was a person they were close to, most people would STILL choose the bear because bears are rad as hell