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NASA Says It Accidentally Broadcast an ISS Distress Message
  • I would guess that automated systems (especially jettisoning storage) would not be implemented as the gain is to low for the risk in case of a false alarm. There would always be someone reachable and awake in case of emergency to close hatches manually. Warming up the landing module could be interesting though…

    I hope the expert will answer!

  • ripperonis
  • In the contrary you could argue, that humanizing them makes it easier to emotionally connect for humans. If that was the intention of the statue it works better that way. But I agree: if the statue would purely be for honoring the mice, it would be more appropriate to look like a real mouse.

  • As Far-Right Surges in US and Germany Debate Rages Over Disqualification of Those Who Would Destroy Democracy
  • I think there is more to this. Far-Right (at least in Germany) goes along with more of a populistic communication. In my opinion the far-right promises easy solution to seemingly easy problems. But in the real world the problems are difficult and complex. There are few easy solutions and many nuances. But nuances are much more unsexy than populism. Also democracy in my opinion thrives from discourse and spreading the power. Not one person in command. But of course that’s more difficult for society to grasp than one single voice.