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cafe in Amsterdam could not produce a receipt -- a “digital transformation” scenario; are receipts no longer obligatory?
  • We use pinnen as a verb. Probably started while bringing it to the public with commercials. And not even being able to give a receipt sounds like it is a very badly organised restaurant , if I am honest. A store has to be able to give receipts according to the law.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • What exactly was the west supposed to do though? They weren't gonna stop at ukraine. They want to take Moldova, Georgia, maybe even parts of Finland as well before they joined NATO. Stopping then now and letting the countries join nato/eu would solve future invasions. Russia shouldn't have to feel threatened if they stopped acting like a threat to everyone else.

  • Germany summons Turkish ambassador as row erupts over alleged right-wing salute goal celebration at Euro 2024
  • No the germans didn't summon the ambassador over the gesture. Turkey summoned the german ambassador cause germany wanted to investigate if the gesture was a symbol of hate (which is a big no no in germany). So the germans now summoned the turkish ambassador over the whole situation.