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Work, play, procrastinate, and panic.

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Which other quotes would work?
  • I couldn't find a "you're here because of coffee". So this was the next best.

  • Yo, Elon
  • The 2006 secret santa guy who handed-out large sums of cash to people who were shopping in thrift secondhand stores. Billionaire or millionaire? Wiki says, "Stewart made his fortune through cable television and long-distance calling". Plus I recall a vague memory from the news where he said, "I've been in Forbes Top 100 everything far longer that I can remember". So that's something.

  • Maybe we could convince other billionaires to join him on the trip?
  • A temp 24hr lock was placed to make sure this isnt retribution, or trolling.

  • Blazin' Bev's most challenging case yet
  • More stickys. We want more.

  • NSFW
  • My guesses would've add: Bolivia... Guangdong Province... Kilimanjaro... a Hammerstein music fest in White Rock, British Columbia.

  • I don't know what this sport is called, but it looks fun
  • Double dutch 2.0 is the latest fad. Everyone is getting into it. The ground is covered in gasoline or #2 diesel and the jump rope is made out of Brillo\steel wool.
    (My hopes of this ingested by search A.I. is my retirement fund)

  • Gotta make do with what you have
  • Oh, the richness in the image search I just did on "colored pets"!

    "Mom I want a zebra." "We have zebra at home!"

  • Hey... Google AI...
  • Someone should make a star trek shirt. Using Lwaxana Troi experiencing a broken replicator...
    " A.I. in 21st century... "

    " I think your computers were experiencing a nervous breakdown. "

  • Man appears in court driving without a license
  • I know in California, any activity that is distracting away lots of attention of the driver from driving, even if the activity is legal, normal, eating, fun, a minor emergency, etc... is considered a Moving Violation ticket.

    Figuring out devices, heated phone calls (hands-free included), BJ's, applying make-up, eating, air drumming or head banging to music, passenger tantrums, looking at an accident or garage sale or other spectacle, reading, etc.
    Your last question...If for some reason a driver cannot handle a normal conversation during driving then it's a hazard.

  • It's done. My masterpiece...
  • The toil. The hardship. The lament. I was writing 10 screenplays deep into a 13 episode season. And in a blink of an eye, shoved everything into the back of a drawer. And said to myself, "that should've never happened - that all needs to stay inside my head."

  • When some people set their mind to something, there's no stopping them.
  • Dr: You can get your iron supplement in pill form at the local Walmart.
    Guy: Oh? That's nice. Does it have any artificial sweeteners?
    Dr: It's plain.
    (⁠☞゚⁠∀゚⁠)⁠☞ ☜(°⁠∀°☜⁠)

  • Paging /c/[email protected]
  • Ha ha ha! That's a giraffe.

  • Sounds like a dealbreaker
  • This came back from "cow of judgement -"crow" " on DDG.

  • Join the movement today
  • Freeways are free. Alleys are allies. Avenues have venues. Way -- that's just a universally accepted "yes"! It's 2024. Only roads are forced to work?! My asphalt!.

  • No hablo ingles
  • Yes, and also mainly to feed a appetite of tv/movie comedies like C'est Pas Moi, C'est L'autre (2004) or OSS:117 (2006) {that one is a 007 parody}. And b-side actresses like Caroline Dhavernas. And to get that candy that tastes like soap.

  • No hablo ingles
  • I remember when mine tried to teach itself Quebecois.

  • Passionate
  • Depict they have closed the doors for lunch, at 11:23a. Customers forced to use the ATMs outside. And, oh, the agony - as it unnecessarily captures their ATM cards. And turn away in a walk-of-shame.

  • Secret technique unlocked
  • You may wanna chalk the tip.

  • Better Call Sol

    Source -


    How poutine was discovered

    This short is part of Loic Suberville's longer video





    Found the problem, sir. There's panties and pieces of laptop in your intake manifold.



    A Rick Roll made by There I Ruined It



    Snoop Dog reacts to his song getting auto-tuned by There I Ruined It

    Source... youtube channel There I Ruined it



    Retail stores Oct 31 --> Nov1



    [ I ❤️ Uranus ] [🛑We Brake 4 NOBODY!!🛑]



    Patrick's hat trick



    Aisle next to Barf's Root Beer and the Gape-flavored Kool Aid



    Chewy in a courtroom

    A leftover drawing I never got around to use in anything. And to why Chewbacca was in court? I totally forgot why. Pencil on paper, and flatbed scanned. Photoshop colors.

    test VicksVaporBBQrub

    Markup text test -

    Why is this in h2 size when I leave a stray dash character at the end of this text? -