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It’s official: No Nintendo console has lasted as long as Switch without being replaced | VGC
  • I'm gonna play on my switch 1 until a revised switch 2 slim comes out. No need to rush.

  • Analyst: Windows on Arm is not ready for the complexities of the PC gaming landscape
  • Microsoft convinced hardware manufacturers to support UEFI and TPM overnight. If they just said next Windows is going to be ARM only, software manufacturers would have to follow.

  • Neptunia Riders VS Dogoos | Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch™
  • I watched the trailer and I still don't know anything

  • WYR: Would you rather be in jail for five years or be in a coma for a decade?
  • Coma. Even if I wasn't forced to choose.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • I'm the first generation that decided to keep bread in fridge. My parents used wooden box.

  • Password must match the following
  • copy-pastes the text provided

  • Leak: EU interior ministers want to exempt themselves from chat control bulk scanning of private messages - EU Reporter
  • How about making every message of government officials be public and saved in easily searchable database for the populace and make content of their screens be streamed 24/7? No? Why? Nothing to hide nothing to fear? Right?

    You stupid fuck.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • But then those ads either need to be skippable or not skippable with some kind of metadata which can be used against it by injected scripts.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Good to know. I'd rather pay for a vpn than YouTube premium.

  • Yeah, about that…
  • The problem with internet was always that access to bullshit is way easier than access to information. Except now the difference gets exponentially bigger, and bullshit is indistinguishable from truth.

  • Iced tea is now a 20 pack instead of a 24.
  • But is it priced as 20 or 24-pack?

  • It's really not a big deal.
  • I'm pretty sure modern day viking descendants are ok with them.

  • What's the most expensive thing you broke as a kid and what's the story behind it?
  • An electric keyboard imported from outside of soviet block. I was too young and stupid to understand the power brick and conected it directly to mains. A shower of sparks tought me an important lesson about electricity and voltage.

  • That's LTT in the bottom
  • Windows: Cannot print because error.

    User: What error?

    Windows: What error?

  • Roku TV bricked until agreeing to new terms of service
  • That would be a good idea if there wasn't a 100x difference in price for something actually tv size big.

  • checkmate
  • Virgin Marry 2

  • What distros have you tried and thought, "Nope, this one's not for me"?
  • I tried arch btw.

    But didn't like it.

  • qaul, Internet Independent Wireless Mesh Communication App
  • Briar had that one amazing feature that it can create a hotspot to share its apk.

  • qaul, Internet Independent Wireless Mesh Communication App
  • [I may be wrong about this but...] One interesting feature is that it can work in-grid. If I understand it correctly if one person in a group has internet access the groups can connect with each other.