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Conservatives are freaking out because they learned that some animals are gay
  • Learned? No, that is the wrong word.

    They are in violent and vehement denial about facts that are empirically documented and readily observable with ones own eyes.

    They didn't actually learn anything. It will be written off as some "degenerate liberuhl conspiracy", as they do with every other fact that doesn't align with their perverse totalitarian worldview.

    I mean, that's the entire conservative/right-wing M.O.

  • Ghost of Tsushima is PlayStation's fourth-biggest PC launch to date
  • I worked for them back when they were SCEA. They were a GREAT company to work for, but the Japanese leadership was notoriously stubborn and set in their ways… in exactly the same way Nintendo still is. Definitely a traditional console-centric cultural hangup they haven’t quite overcome just yet.

  • Nope. No.
  • Oh, we are fucked. But I also won’t pretend that mostly solar-powered data centers, which don’t emit greenhouse gases, are in any way a remotely meaningful contributor to our climate crisis.

    If a bull is bucking around in my house, I’m not going to worry about the faucet slowly dripping in the bathroom. I want to deal with the bull, first.

  • Nope. No.
  • No, that’s valid… but it’s also a problem with all cloud technology in general. As models shrink and run locally more often instead of giant, dedicated data centers, that will improve. Right now brute force is how the bigger, cutting-edge models (e.g. ChatGPT) operate.

  • Very nuanced issue
  • Maybe we’re just getting our semantics crossed, then! 😗

    My point is just that “both siding” is the sole domain of centrists, and liberals are the vast majority of centrists.

  • Very nuanced issue
  • The whole “social/economic” axis is a gross oversimplification, though; and it muddies the relatively simple (and historical) distinction between right/left political ideology, which stretches back to the French Revolution.

    Fundamentally, rightism is about consolidating authority (which is composed of wealth and power).

    Leftism is about ensuring the authority (wealth & power) remains evenly distributed.

    Between the two (and at the extremes) is a complex web of ideologies. Liberalism focuses on allowances… so while it seems leftist at first glance, the outcome is that consolidation is allowed, encouraged, and even celebrated. Those are rightist traits and result in society shifting rightward.

    There is no separation of social and economic policy in this paradigm, because they are tangled in complex, inextricable ways. For example, repression of civil liberties is a tool employed by those seeking to amass and consolidate power. Likewise, economics can (and will) also be manipulated by power-seekers in order to amass wealth and power… this manifests as a flip-flopping of policy in which their abuses must be allowed as “rights” as long as it benefits them, but those same “rights” must not be tolerated for any competition.

    This is why liberalism falls into the center of the spectrum; it tolerates - even applauds - such abuses. Abuse is a feature of liberalism. Note how economic anarchism (i.e. anarcho-capitalism) leads swiftly to huge amounts of consolidated wealth (and therefore power) and so shifts all policy rightward, snowballing the entire time as it shifts.

    Social policy does not behave in the same manner. A hands-off social policy does not result in consolidation of wealth or power. In fact, it has the opposite effect, so long as someones “freedom to” does not infringe on another’s “freedom from” (or vice-versa). This is sometimes colloquially called “the golden rule of liberty”. Shifting that balance is, as I said, a tool of rightists used to consolidate power.

    All of that phone-tapped rambling is to say: means and ends are very different things and these two-axis charts, even if they were not originally intended to deceive, are now used almost exclusively for that purpose. They deliberately conflate the means and ends to make the consolidating actions of rightists appear less insidious than they actually are… to provide an illusion of freedom of opportunity in a system that has already been captured.

  • 4 months g9
  • This smart monitor nonsense is the reason I haven’t bothered to replace my OG G9 with one of the newer ones.

    One option I’ve seen floated is to let it connect but use Pihole to block specific “features” like advertisements… so maybe that’s an option for you?

  • Very nuanced issue
  • I guess I’ll be “the guy” this time.

    Liberal is the correct term.

    Liberals are not inherently progressive or leftist in the least. They are rightist-enablers who value their means over the inevitable ends. At “best” they are “enlightened centrists” who are willfully ignorant about the consequences of their actions, and at worst zealously dogmatic about their sacred middle-of-the-road fallacy.

    These are not merely politicians… they are regular people who have been trained to turn a blind eye to hoarding, power consolidation, and overt abuse of others. That is liberalism.

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