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math is hard
  • Fractions are just funky when dividing. Dividing by 0.5 is the same multiplying by 2.

    Your analogy is really close, but backwards is all. If you have a quarter of an apple. In order to get half a whole apple, you need another quarter. Two quarters make a half, so dividing a quarter by 0.5 gives you 2 quarters. Dividing a quarter by 2 gives you 0.5 of the original quarter which is your 1/8th

  • It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to the climate
  • People don't like that and choose to look away. Blind ignorance is how we got to where we are today. The damages are irreversible in our current lifetime now.

    The only viable solution these days are systemic ones where the government is actually doing its job and governing the damages done by larger companies.

    But we're so fucked that if that were to be a universal law applied by every government by every country, then it will it take 100 or so years to get back to square one :)

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • That's what Americans claim to save face. I'm a Vietnamese American and Asian history tends to suck in other nations. America used that narrative to justify invading another country and then dipping out when it was too hard.

    I'm still going to overgeneralize, but here's the actual history they don't teach you. (History is much more interesting outside of school).

    From the Vietnamese perspective, they initially didn't want/need American help, but about HALF of Vietnam didn't want communism. Similar to Korea, it was kinda like North vs South. America knew that Vietnam has potential to be another booming nation so they saw an opportunity to "help" Vietnam for profit and claim they're fighting communism in the process. America doesn't just "help" for the sake of good, we're a nation of profit and greed.

    During this war, South Korea's involvement and then eventual American alliance actually helped South Korea flourish from all this new money they were getting. When Nixon saw that Vietnam was a losing war, he pussied out and ended up moving on to help Korea since that was the next "profitable" nation; even helping in "fighting communism" during the Korean War. Vietnam took a huge L after Nixon pumped and pulled resources so he partially caused the loss, too. Looking back now, America made the "right" call on South Korea as it's now both rich AND has good US relations.

    Most of the Vietnamese population today prefers a less communistic government but not much can be done. Government is just stupid powerful BECAUSE of communism in the first place. Like some long domino effect.

    TL:Dr America is a sneaky country and does things that only benefit them. They couldn't benefit from Vietnam so they moved onto Korea in "I'm done playing with you" style.

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • As a vietnamese American, my mom always told me stories about the shitty government. Most citizens in Vietnam know the laws are dumb too but can't protest because the government is too strong now. Just know that EVERYTHING is regulated over there.

  • After announcing increased prices, Spotify to Pay Songwriters About $150 Million Less Next Year
  • I'm in a similar boat, but I never feel fully satisfied to release a song (probably cuz I am a hobbyist and I suck lol).

    But regardless, I think there is an element of selling your soul to Hollywood to really make it big, and I just don't have that kind of commitment at this point in my life. I like relaxing and anonymity.

  • Fallout 4's most popular mods are now ones that remove Bethesda's disastrous 'next gen' update
  • You living under a rock? Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Elden Ring, God of War, Doom Eternal, RE8, and Tears of the Kingdom are awesome AAAs of just the past 5 years to name a few.

    It's just that bad games tend to get more publicity cuz the mob likes to shit on them. Tbh, Cyberpunk wasn't even a terrible game, it just dropped with performance issues that took over a year to mostly fix.

    I'll give you that all recent Ubisoft titles have sucked though.

  • I miss older html internet

    Ignoring the security implications, I miss kb large old raw html websites that loaded instantly on DSL internet. Nowadays shit is too fancy because hardware allows that, but I feel we're just constantly running into more bugs first and then worry about them later.

    Edit: I've thought more about it, and I think I just missed the simplicity of the internet back then. There's just too much bloat these days with ad trackers and misinformation. I kinda forgot just how bright and eye jarring most old UIs were lol.