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Videos show Chicago police fired nearly 100 shots over 41 seconds during fatal traffic stop
  • Got pulled over in Utah because my adult passenger wasn't wearing his seatbelt correctly. There was no other pretense for it and there have been ad campaigns making it clear that officers will pull you over for that reason and only that reason.

  • Rule
  • I tried using a vertical mouse for a while. Trying to click with it without the mouse moving at the same time made me want to throw the thing across the room. It causes you to grip it much harder than you need to grip a regular mouse which eliminates any ergonomic benefit it theoretically has. If you need ergonomics, focus on the basics like desk, chair, and monitor height.

    Lol, "unnatural"

  • Plant-heavy ‘flexitarian’ diets could help limit global heating, study finds
  • Interesting to note that the study has been funded by the Rockefeller foundation. Eating less meat is one piece of the decarbonization puzzle but I feel that the language of this article and the study implies that we need to focus mostly on this and turn a blind eye to the other ways we're feeding into climate change.

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