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  • This thread is focusing on whether he's right, even while being a shithead. The problem IMO is not whether he's right or not, it's what his 'plans' are if the world moves in the direction he starts nudging. Guy's a psycho edgelord pro-fascist with Bond villain tendencies, but he's surfed on trends to carve monopolies before... Idk

  • We can do all three things at once
  • Just insulting people will always make them buck against your points, however valid and informed. Bad approach.

    The problem with radioactive waste isn't the fact that it's dangerous now, it's the fact that it remains dangerous for much longer than we're even remotely able to plan for. People will likely have to deal with that danger in waaaay longer than civilization has existed on earth so far.

    So the horizontal borehole for instance: amazing idea for the next century - or even, heck, few millenia!! - but how do you make sure our ancestors in 50,000 years never drill a new borehole right there?

  • Woodworking Ulvain

    It ain't much but my clamps are finally organized. Only problem: that's not enough clamps.

    What's this Bug? Ulvain

    identification: what's this flying bug? (Montreal, Canada)

    It looked a bit bumblebee-like while flying, but much less so once it landed.. black and orange abdomen, but black and yellow thorax (a bit fuzzy). A good 2cm (almsot 1 inch) long.