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Pope told by student to stop using anti-LGBTQ language
  • Apparently flashing the dictionary definition of the word on screen was a requirement from Fox to allow them to air the scene, in an extremely rare case of that kind of thing actually making it funnier.

  • And they say English is bad
  • Only partially, unfortunately. There aren't a lot of people who speak full on Scots, the majority of Scotland speaks a dialect of English with a handful of Scots vocabulary now. It's an endangered language.

  • Is someone safe if they report income from illegal means to the IRS?
  • The IRS won't report you unprompted, but the FBI can get it from them, at which point you're fucked either way. If you reported it, they have additional evidence for existing charges, if you didn't, they add tax evasion to the list.

  • Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas out of Olympics after losing legal battle
  • 3% of the population, about 300 events per Olympics, assume 5 in the past 20 years, so that's a conservative estimate of 1500 medals. You'd expect 45 medals to just be proportional, and significantly more than 45 would prove an advantage. 0 shows an extremely severe disadvantage.

    Actually more like 60 medals would be the baseline expectation if you're counting winter Olympics too.

    Even if you estimate as conservatively as possible, 1% of the population and ignore winter Olympics, you have an expected medal count of 15, 0 is a massive anomaly without some sort of significant disadvantage.

    Edit: triple all those numbers to include silver and bronze, realistic estimate of 180, extremely conservative estimate of 45.

  • Tim Cook is “not 100 percent” sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations
  • "Hallucination" is an anthropomorphized term for what's happening. The actual cause is much simpler, there's no semantic distinction between true and false statements. Both are equally plausible as far as a language model is concerned, as long as it's semantically structured like an answer to the question being asked.