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The Supreme Court is poised to take one of Biden’s few tools on abortion access
  • This is absurd. Federal law always takes precedence, even if it's a section of a state constitution versus a law passed by Congress. Period.

    I'm on the pro-choice side, I don't think it's fair to make that statement without mentioning the 10th amendment.

  • The Supreme Court Takes on Homelessness. What Could Go Wrong?
  • I don't think they should overdose and die either. I support trying to prevent that from happening.

    And I wouldn't say homeless people should necessarily be able to sleep ANYWHERE, but they should be allowed to sleep somewhere.

    If they aren't allowed to sleep in public, what are they supposed to do, trespass and sleep on someone's private property? That seems worse to me.

  • RFK Jr. Swears He Wasn’t Thirsty for Fitness Influencer on TikTok
  • Typesetting is actually correct. In the days of the printing press, it was not feasible to have type blocks for single punctuation marks. The blocks would be too small and fragile. Punctuation marks were appended to the end of the letter. Instead of having a single block with a period (.) they had a block for each letter of the alphabet with a period. (a.), (b.), etc.

    Making blocks for both (",) and (,") was an unnecessary expense, so they went with (,"), and the convention stuck.

  • RFK Jr. can't win. But he and Cornel West could put Trump back in the White House.
  • Intuitively it doesn't even make sense in this case though. Biden is running as the safe ordinary establishment candidate. Trump and RFK Jr are going for the right wing wacko conspiracy theory crowd.

    Unless I see data to the contrary, I'm going to assume that RFK Jr siphons more votes from Trump.

  • clicking "see more" loads comments, but places them above the currently selected comment

    Is this happening to anyone else? I try to load comments, then I have to scroll back up and try to figure out where the new ones start.