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Doom: The Dark Ages is an origin story for the Doom Slayer's rage
  • I honestly thought the platforming was a nice change of pace especially when playing on higher difficulty settings. But I can definitely see someone just waiting until they can go on a demon shooting rampage again.

  • Cycling isn't legitimate transportation...apparently
  • You can stack at least 3 crates on the back of the bike if you have a bag carrier, 2 otherwise. Then 1 or 2 on the bar between your legs, and 1 on the steering bar, or 2 if you also have a bag carrier there.

    Ebike recommended if they're full, but it's way doable when bringing them back to the store.

  • Phone on silent
  • Run the ROMs (or lineage if you don't like miui at all) or use one of the various debloat scripts over ADB. Take a look over on XDA, Xiaomi phones are incredibly well supported by the modding/custom rom community.

  • Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our unshittified experience
  • Putting up with the ads or putting up with the workarounds?

    Since I've been running debloated windows since win 7 it has never bothered me to run a few scripts after install or use a modded iso. But if that wasn't an option I'm not sure if the last few games holding me to windows would be enough.

  • I have this moment everytime I clean the bastard
  • I've had a gtx 660 pop when it was drawing 300+W at nowhere near safe voltages. And a cheap p55 asrock mobo with a godlike clock gen but only 4 shitty vrm phases, everything was fine until I switched to water cooling without realising the tower fan was also cooling down the vrm heatsink.