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Stem advice
  • The best method is to go out and buy 4 different stems and try them. Honesty.

    Bike fits are a scam. Trial and error for your own body and own needs only way to figure this out.

    You also need to consider changing your bar width if you alter your stem length/height more than 20cm.

    For starters, flip your step up, if it's down. Also, is your bike the correct size frame, and/or is it a racing frame or an endurance frame? Trying to make an aggresive racing frame into a casual endurance bike is not really going to work great.

  • Has anyone else received the Direct Share Program email for Reddit's IPO?
  • All my suspended reddit logins are suddenly active again. I was banned for 'inciting violence' by some anti-outdoor cat nazis when I posted a picture of my cat with a rabbit it caught. This was over 3 years ago.

    I'm going through removing all my content. F reddit. Scumbags suddenly unbanned my decade of content so they can train AI on it to enrich themselves.

  • Jeff Bezos-Backed Real Estate Company Is Launching A New Fund To Acquire More Single-Family Homes Across The U.S.
  • Nah dude. It's not as complicated as that.

    It's the same mentality that your neighbor has... I don't have enough because someone else has slightly more than me. Tony across the street got the new car... so I should get a newer and better one than him!

    The .01% only hang out with each other, and they compete with each other. And they get jealous when their buddy has a cooler nuclear bunker than them, so they need that extra 10 million this year to ugprade their bunker.

    They are not evil, they are just people. And you'd behave exactly the same way in their situation. It's how we are wired, to be stupid selfish jealous monkeys. You don't exist to them, they are not thinking about you, only about themselves.

    Same thing when you go to your town meeting and your elderly neighbors are screaming bloody murder at their taxes going up $50 this year because they think children should go to school in unheated buildings.

  • Looking for a forever ROBOT
  • where i live dudes have their own place and car.

    however, they don't have a waterfront condo and 100K car, so therefore they are 'inadequate' or 'unsuccessful' according to most single women if you ask them. always their #1 complaint. and the #2 is how 'successful' men only use them for sex. the irony is lost on them.

    But I'm dating in my 30s.

  • Two-thirds of CEOs think staff will return to office five days a week, survey finds
  • there is a shortage of jobs because wages are still historically low.

    funny thing is companies that pay higher wages don't have trouble hiring people.

    my company pre pandemic had 5+ employees turn over every month. post pandemic we have like 1 a month or less. why? our wages went up 40% across the board from 2020-2023. our starting wage used to be 35K in 2019. that's barely livable in in my city. now it's closer to 50K. benefits have also increased substantially, but we did drop the commuting benefits because we are hybrid.

    turns out people will work for you if you pay them a fair wage and offer them opportunity to increase their wages.

  • Denver Basic Income Project for the unhoused sees the number of participants who own or rent a home increase from 5% of participants to 40% in 6 months.
  • the majority of usa populace. most folks in America believe in a just world where those who are good are rich and should be rewarded and those who are bad are poor and should be punished.

    hence why when a billionaire breaks the laws nobody cares, but when a poor person steals food they should be locked up.

    they also believe in zero-sum thinking, where if anyone gets anything it came at the expense of someone else. they have no concept of how economics and life actually works. just consumed by jealousy and bitterness and assuming if others didn't 'take' from them they would have more.

  • No tritium found in fish one month after Fukushima water release
  • ignorance and paranoia about radioactivity go hand in hand.

    i know so many otherwise smart people who lose it on this issue. because they just think any radioactivity = destroy planet forever . completely ignorant to how it actually works, and just think every power plant must eventually chernobyl and that one barrel of nuclear waste is enough to destroy 1000s of miles or something equally absurd.

    totally sad.

  • Alex Jones spent over $93,000 in July. Sandy Hook families who sued him have yet to see a dime
  • which is why people want to be rich. it's way bigger benefit than the money.

    people think about all the maga types that are 'one day millionaires'. nah, it's not about being rich for money, it's about they back a guy who does the stuff they wish they could personally do. like be rabidly racist in public without consequence

  • College Kids Are Easily Bypassing Stupid University TikTok Bans
  • When i was in school in the 2000s file sharing basically crippled the campus network until it was banned. A few bad actors were hoarding all the bandwidth and storing copyright violation stuff on school servers.

  • What is your internet service plan?

    How much do you pay? How fast are your your real world speeds? Where are you located?

    Cycling Turkey_Titty_city Spectator causes multi-rider crash on Tour de France stage 15

    Peloton held up 50km into mountain stage by second mass crash in as many days

    Spectator causes multi-rider crash on Tour de France stage 15
    Cycling Turkey_Titty_city UCI bans transgender women from competing in elite international races

    Governing body claim their actions are to 'protect the female class'

    UCI bans transgender women from competing in elite international races

    California has spent billions to fight homelessness. The problem has gotten worse California has spent billions to fight homelessness. The problem has gotten worse | CNN

    Getting people off the street is a priority for Gov. Gavin Newsom. But even with massive funding and new data on who is homeless and why, the state is struggling to see change.

    boston Turkey_Titty_city Make way for bicycles on Boylston - The Boston Globe

    Boston, called a "bicycling paradise" in the 1800s, should encourage more residents to commute on two wheels. The city’s proposal to add a protected bike lane on Boylston Street is a step in that direction.