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Scientists grow diamonds from scratch in 15 minutes thanks to groundbreaking new process
  • Similar conditions are employed in the method currently used to synthesize 99% of all artificially created diamonds. Called high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) growth, this method uses these extreme settings to coax carbon dissolved in liquid metals, like iron, to convert it to diamond around a small seed, or starter diamond.

    Cool. I don't know how expensive this process is right now, but it seems cheaper to do, at least on mass production.

    Edit: I wonder if they could make a tether out of this thing.

  • Any reddit downloader that works?

    Title. Like to download old posts, comments and saved images/comments/links.

    Thing is, since reddit took down their 3rd party apps api, most of the ones I find seem to be broken. And most of those 'apps' are from reddit posts created before the enshittification.