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Campaign fact check: Here’s how Kamala Harris really prosecuted marijuana cases (2019)
  • I get what you're saying, and I'll be voting for the democrat nominee regardless. However, a large part of a DA's responsibility is to exercise discretion in which cases to prosecute and which sentences to recommend. From the article:

    Harris had wide latitude to decide which marijuana cases to prosecute and what sentences to seek

  • Harris donations top $100m after Biden's exit from presidential race
  • Please think of the media owner billionaires enjoying the most privileged and luxurious life that earth has to offer.

    They need that money desperately, because it's not enough for them to win, they require that everyone else be as miserable as they are.

  • One Day After 44,000 Black Women Raised $1.5 Million For Kamala Harris, ‘Win With Black Men’ Seeks To Do The Same
  • First off, I understand the necessity, and applaud these groups for their contributions. However...

    Imagine a world where tight election funding laws exist, and instead of having to attempt to buy democracy by effectively funneling money into some billionaire's media company, groups could use these funds within their own community.

  • Lemmy siphoned the worst uneducated users from Reddit. Why are you afraid of truth?
  • My phobia is the fear of ignorant people taking over the world.

    Do you like shit your pants when you look in the mirror? It's pretty obvious the community doesn't want you, why are you so desperate for our approval?

    Kick rocks big brain.

  • Harris raises $81 million in 24 hours since Biden dropped out, endorsed her, setting new presidential donation record
  • Understanding this is a good thing, and being optimistic about defeating drumpf this year, can we all stop to appreciate how disgusting our political process is?

    $81,000,000.00 in 24 hours. We routinely fail to help those that need it most, but we'll raise massive amounts of money to (mostly) throw at media companies owned by people whose wealth already affords them the most privileged and luxurious of lives.

  • God saved Trump because...
  • He wants to get them foaming at the mouth so that when (if) he loses they throw donations at him to pay for all his legal issues violently refuse the results, further destabilizing the US.

  • What Neon’s ‘Longlegs,’ A24’s ‘Civil War’ Demonstrate About Indie Distribution Power
  • I found it to be more about the character interactions and their emotional 'journey' more than anything else. Even from that perspective it is lackluster. While others may find it to be entertaining it is definitely not true to the advertising.