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Trump says he'd like to take Kim Jong-Un to a baseball game
  • I think some people have problems with your evaluation of the last few points.

    I'm not gonna give him credit for calling off the war with Iran, since it was his own stupid decisions that got us there.

    There are a lot of NATO fans here, so you're catching flak for the +/- evaluation on both of those points.

    The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a goddamn trainwreck, so I don't think he should get points for that. Not entirely his fault, because the actual exodus didn't happen under his watch, but his timeline certainly didn't set his successor up for success.

    But in general, saying anything even vaguely complementary towards Orange Julius is gonna earn you some downvotes around here.

  • FTC Says Middlemen Appear to Be Driving Up Drug Prices
  • Sorta. As a middleman who works his ass off to make other people's lives easier, it's not quite as black and white. My job is kind of unique, though. We are geographically located in the only access point for a niche market. Our vendors physically cannot supply our customers, so we middle.

    I'm sure there are a shitload of useless middlers suckling off the consumer's teat, but sometimes we are necessary.

  • What are your favorite bands from more obscure, lesser known countries?
  • Really digging Reign in Slumber. Thanks for the recommendation.

    On the topic of Asian metal, Voice of Baceprot just played the Glastonbury festival, which is pretty awesome. All-female Indonesian band.

    Also, the dude who works at the gas station down the street introduced me to Minerva, a Bangladeshi metal band.

  • ‘Anti-Woke’ Water Makes a Splash at Conservative Conference
  • There's a small craft brewery in small-town Wisconsin that partnered with a coffee roaster to make a canned coffee called "Woke". The coffee is pretty good, and the beer is damn good.

    They piss off the local right-wing government, so they're constantly getting shut down, but it usually only lasts a couple weeks.