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US Lemmys what could Biden do in the next 6 months to EARN your vote? (other than just not being Trump)
  • He's already got my vote. He's by zero means perfect, but I live in a swing state and cannot throw out "meh it's terrible, but good enough considering" because it's not perfect.

    Here's some things he could do to make "meh, it's terrible but" into just "good":

    • Put any kind of pressure on Israel.
    • Expand the Supreme Court.
    • Executive order giving the NLRB Sectorial Bargaining at the Federal Level.
    • Force the FCC to regulate data collection.
    • Go back in time and allow the railroad workers to strike and threaten nationalization if the hedge funds that own the railroads don't play ball.
  • What did you get told as a child that you realised was a lie as you got older?
  • In Catholic school in the nineties and early 2000's, we were all told that the sex abuse scandal was serious but that it was also "a small number of incidents." That we needed to pray for the victims and the souls of the perpetrators.

    Then I went to college. Come to find out not only was the child rape widespread, not only did the church actively hide monsters from legal scrutiny, not only was this all directly effecting the local arch diocese (not my school specifically, but church leaders were forced to quickly rename another high school when allegations against a dead bishop proved too numerous to ignore)... not only all that but that it's still going on, just not in first world countries with robust networks of journalists and legal systems. That an alleged pedophile was (while I was in college) living in the Vatican, being directly sheltered from extradition by South American authorities.

    I guess the lie was that it was all over. That it was a small problem. That the church was a safe place people could turn to. I left the church at 18 over it, became an atheist by 19, and that's where I'm at now at 35.

  • What key features do you think stellaris is still missing?
  • I've wanted to settle the smaller moons for ages!

    I like playing tall and there's so much lunar real estate in systems that you simply cannot settle. It would only work on moons with 5-7 districts and the way it could be implemented would be similar to orbital habitats.There'd be four phases that expand the size of the settlement:

    1.) Initial construction and colonization. 2.) "Outpost" with five districts, creating small settlements to light up the night side surface. 3.) "City Domes" adds more districts with small domes appearing around the equator. 4.) "World House" adding more districts and a band of glassed over habitats everywhere but the poles.

    Each moon could specialize in basic resource output; this way a collection of three to four moons, built all the way out to "World House" status, would be able to support a decent sized ecumenopolis.

  • And everyone bathed regularly.
  • We can't be close to the fall of Rome, we don't have a literal horse that has a vote in the Senate... of course with the retirement of Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky would be the state most likely to elect a horse as his replacement. So who knows.

  • Rabbit was once an NFT company that it wants you to forget about
  • It seems the way VC's throw money at pure unadulterated hype, don't count them out just yet. So long as you're good at marketing, you don't have to be good at development; you don't have to have a good idea; you don't have to have a product that does what you've promised, works or even exists... they'll shower a literal pile of shit with money until it sparkles like a Faberge egg if you can only generate buzz.

  • What's the most fucked up movie you ever watched?
  • Slither (2006) fucked me up the first time I watched it. Now I can watch it and laugh. Also, Pam from "The Office" is in it as the police dispatch/receptionist... so, I guess she just got type cast.

  • Sears From A Joke Being Torn Down
  • Yeah, even back in the nineties they were still making good stuff. My mom always bought my jeans there as a kid because they sold a store brand that had reinforced knees. I was an outdoor child and ran through clothing at an alarming rate.

  • Sears From A Joke Being Torn Down

    American comedian Ron White frequently tells a story about how his van was damaged in a comedic way by the technicians at a Sears Automotive Center in Savannah, GA. This week, that Sears Automotive Center is being torn down. While the shopping mall that former Sears location is a part of is otherwise doing well, the Sears has been closed for years. The department store end-cap building and the car service center in its out-parcel property are being demolished to make way for the development of a new apartment complex.

    A link to Ron preforming the story for a live audience.

    Which fediverse software do you use besides Lemmy?
  • Mastodon, Peertube, PixelFed, and (unfortunately) Threads. [I'm forced to have a Threads account because of my job in media. I'm on Instagram and Twitter for the same reason]

    I'm also super excited for Loops, but it hasn't launched yet.

  • Someone Stole a 200 ft (60 meters) Tall Radio Antenna in Alabama, USA Thieves somehow take 200-foot radio tower

    The station's general manager said he remains hopeful that somebody will share information to help law enforcement find those responsible for the theft.

    Thieves somehow take 200-foot radio tower

    No one’s sure how the ambitious bandits made off with the heavy steel structure, WJLX station general manager Brett Elmore told WBRC.

    The "Margaritaville" cruise ship is up for sale if anyone wants it.

    All pictures in the listing seem to be from before the ship's "Margaritaville" makeover, but it's definitely the same boat. The rest of that class has been retired and sent to the breakers.

    In 2023, it was featured in YouTuber Bright Sun Travels cruise video "North America's Worst Cruise Ship." The ship, named the "Margaritaville At Sea Paradise" (at the time of that review), had been purchased second hand and operated by a company called Margaritaville At Sea Cruises (formerly Celebration Cruiseline). All of the Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffett branding was a licensing deal the company made with Buffett's food service and vacations empire.

    The ship was originally launched in 1991 as the Costa Classica for the Costa Cruises company of Italy (the same one of the Costa Concordia disaster infamy).

    So, who wants to buy a cruise ship? Not gonna lie to you all... she's got some problems, not least of which is the Jimmy Buffett theming.

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