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France's Macron dissolves parliament, calls new elections
  • France has a powerful executive. More powerful than even the US president, inside their own system.

    I have heard the French presidency described as an "elected dictator."

    Macron wants people to see what the far right has to offer and hopefully realize they don't like it before the presidency goes up for grabs.

  • How to fix Korea's birthrate? Put girls in school earlier, controversial report argues
  • France made childcare and education free and relatively high quality and look at that! They have just under replacement level fertility!

    Some people do want children. Not everyone, but lots of people do. It's true that wealth depresses fertility, but you can have a sustainable society if you give people financial security.

    I'm willing to believe there are some cultural issues at play, not just the economics, but that is for demographers to tease out.

    The American congressional representatives have an average of 2 children. Replacement rate. Get our standard of living up to that and you will see fertility go up.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • Yeah, America is undermining it's own hegemony since 2016 and what do you know? The threat of violence is rising.

    Russia invaded Ukraine, China is threatening Taiwan, Ethiopia is threatening Eritrea, Venezuela is threatening Guyana. A world where large nations can bully, invade, and occupy small nations unopposed is not really better than the Pax Americana.

  • How to fix Korea's birthrate? Put girls in school earlier, controversial report argues
  • Raise the price of labor to the point that a working family can afford to have children at the standard they consider socially acceptable.

    That would devalue investment accounts though, so it won't happen until there is suffering on a scale not seen outside of major wars.

  • Under Pressure, Biden Allows Ukraine to Use U.S. Weapons to Strike Inside Russia
  • Yeah, they probably told the Russians they were going to greenlight the Ukrainians way before they told the Ukrainians.

    Which is tooth grindingly frustrating, but I can't fault Biden for his efforts to avoid nuclear exchange.

  • Manchin leaves Democratic Party, files as independent
  • I've argued for years that while I don't like Manchin personally, he is far superior to any Republican he has run against.

    He votes for the good of the country more often than "centrist" Republicans like john McCain or Lisa Murkowski ever have. He has been a blessing to this country and the world.

  • The silver lining in a very bad poll for Biden
  • I wouldn't believe the same things I believe now. I don't think I am some kind of truth oracle.

    But I wouldn't believe Trump is an honest or God fearing man. That requires an emotional investment in the lie that I don't think any version of me could sustain.

    The divorces, the lechery, the misogyny, the racism, the repeated refusal to pay his contractors. (Theft)

    Those are matters of public record. They vastly predate his status as a politician. Trump was a real life movie villain back in the 1980's when Back to the Future was made.

    If I was still a Christian hearing my pastor sing Trump's praises every week would make me question the pastor, and if the congregation stuck by him I would question the whole church.

  • You're the GM, but haven't prep anything for tonight. How do you make tonight game a succes ?
  • First, vibe check. Let the players shoot the shit a little more than usual out of game. While they do this, you do a little last minute brainstorming or note-taking/reworking.

    Second, if you let them drive the convo, they will usually give you some clues when they finally get bored and start asking each other to calm down and start the game. Things like "I want to find out what so and so has to say about the mission we just got from who's his face!" Or "I want to kick that (minion of the bbeg)'s ass! Let's get moving!"

    This tells you what your players want. Now you have some focus on what you need to spitball.

    Now it's down to your improv skills. Yes-and helps a ton here. You ask what they do and it just works, or works with consequences. Ask them to roll some checks and if they roll high and it isn't stupid they succed and do the thing or get the info.

    If they roll low something bad but not lethal happens. Minions show up, NPCs laugh at them, etc etc.

    If you panic, ask them to roll a check and figure out what is is for while they are rolling the die and adding the result. At some point it's just art which you get good at with practice.

    Good luck!

  • So many of my cringe moments growing up were when I responded inappropriately to social situations and got laughed at. I felt so alone growing up.
  • That's hard. Real hard. I can't say what atonement would look like, that's maybe therapist territory, but I can say that it's OK to protect yourself. You can't change the past and undo the hurt you did. I don't see anything wrong with avoiding people you have hurt after you apologize.