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God of War Creator Is Unhappy With New Games and Kratos' Story
  • I have friends that are deep in the tabletop 40k universe and know all the lore. I couldn’t give two shits about the story and have still enjoyed many sessions, plus the computer games: vermintide, darktide, etc.

    It’s possible to play and ignore all that.

  • Apple's new iPhone 15 is an underwhelming 'slap in the face,' say disappointed fans
  • Also on an XR and just bought a 15 Pro.

    The XR is still snappy. The battery only is at 80% of its original life, but otherwise it’s fine.

    I’m very excited for the USB-C and wifi 6E. The rest I don’t care about, but I imagine I will be impressed by the speed when I get it.

  • Just +[--->++<]>+.+++[->++++<]>+.+++++++..+++[->++++<]>++
  • This guy is correct

    It takes a lil work, but with proton, lutris, etc, pretty much everything runs, except games with anti heat such as Destiny.

    Sure, it’s not as easy as running an exe, but… it’s getting there.

  • Pihole vs AdGuard Home
  • This guy is right.

    I have used Pi-hole forever at home, but decided to try out AGH on my parents’ network. They do largely the same stuff, so if Pi-hole is working for you, stick with it; I do with my home network, too!

  • Biden administration announces $39 billion in student debt relief following administrative fixes
  • Correct. Republicans just do whatever the fuck they want, law be damned.

    The democrats always pussy-foot and are like “we tried the bare minimum and it didn’t work, sorry! 🏳️‍🌈”

    I want just one democrat who tries some of the fuckshit that republicans do all the time.