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Why not?
  • This kind of feels like the result of washing a poorly adhered print where the letters start to come off but then stick back down somewhat when dry. It’s almost coherent.

  • Mzungu

    Update Faker - Fake a system update
  • Even funnier to give someone a Windows 98 version and watch the brain hurt a bit.

  • This community is as empty as I feel
  • I don’t want to ask you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, but I’d personally appreciate a glimpse into what kind of struggles you deal with as a partner to someone with BPD. I don’t currently deal with it myself, but I appreciate learning more and I suspect more comments will invite even more participation.

  • Coffee Vibes ☕️✨️
  • Whoa! I love the color and sparkles, very nicely done

  • I tried to make a phone case.
  • I don’t think you tried, I think you succeeded. Nice job!

  • Dust Off Your Shelves, These Blu-ray and 4K Discs are Now Worth Lots of Money
  • I’m sure people here know this, but I just recently went through the effort of pricing a huge collection of DVDs and a smaller collection of Blu-ray’s. Most mainstream releases aren’t even worth the postage it costs to send them. Just in case you were getting excited by the prospect.

  • Twins
  • Two domesticated Dutch rabbits.

  • Nearly 500 souls were removed from Philly’s old First Baptist Church burial ground seven years ago. When will they be reburied?
  • I continue not to understand the Christian obsession with dead bodies.

    Genesis 3:19 reads:

    By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.

  • Is there a way to run perchance's ai chat locally?
  • I don’t have an answer for you, but I did want to welcome you to the fediverse. Hope you enjoy it here!

  • is there is a add-on that fact check YouTube videos?
  • I bet you could write a prompt explaining what you were attempting to do, and feed a transcript of the video into it (probably in chunks), and have it do that fact checking for you.

    I also bet it would be wrong a portion of the time, and then who checks the fact checkers? 🤔

  • Week 30: Olympic Themed - Crepes
  • They look great! Nicely done. Curious what kind of pan you used for these.

  • River Powered Washing
  • This is so cool! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea this was a thing.

  • Traveling this summer? Maybe don’t let the airport scan your face.
  • Like I get it, it’s scary and I don’t want them to have my data, but my picture is being taken ALL the time basically everywhere I go. Is putting my foot down for this specific type really making a difference?

  • Any suggestions on cleansing a beat up heart?
  • I’m not a witch, but there are no rules here, so I might as well chime in. Sage is used in a number of cultures for cleansing (see “Smudging”) so I think you using it is a natural solution and pretty low risk (as long as you don’t mind the smell).

    I’ll let the actual witches chime in for their take, but from my perspective, deep and intentional reflection is how you will cleanse your heart. I think it’s also important to forgive yourself (and perhaps others who have wronged you), to help continue to lighten the load and help you heal.

    I wish you the best of luck with your journey and also your date. Let us know how it went!

  • I'm angry about salad
  • I particularly enjoy the people angry about my post being angry enough to downvote it. When will I see the post from their point of view about how angry I made them?

    Soon I hope

  • Fucking people that come here and don't post...
  • People have some fucking wild takes on here. I generally don’t say anything too controversial and still get downvoted.

    I’ve been here for a bit over a year and it is good enough that it scratches the itch Reddit left. So I keep coming back. The thing I enjoy the most is that I can actually contribute to the conversation. Reddit gets so busy so fast that if you’re late to a post, you’re yelling in the wind. The low volume means your content is seen and consumed by more people. That’s pretty cool to me. In fact, your post is why I just posted in the community.

    Good luck and hope you enjoy.

  • Fucking people that come here and don't post...
  • I posted here and bitched some overpriced lettuce. You’re welcome

  • I'm angry about salad

    I went to a hospital recently to visit a friend and needed to buy lunch while I was there. I purchased a premade chicken Caesar salad in a package for $7.50.

    I walk back to where I’m staying and realize the salad has everything except the dressing. It’s literally lettuce, chicken, croutons, and a bit of cheese.

    I say fuck this because it’s hardly even a Caesar salad at this point, and I go back to buy something else. That’s when I realize, they do have dressing, but it’s sold separately and it’s a fucking $1.00.

    A big deal? No. Infuriating? YES.

    90's Music TragicNotCute

    Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (2000)

    I saw another 2000 song posted and the op wasn’t immediately killed. It’s a bop though.


    Feb 2nd 2024 - HPJC_P26


    Feb 1st 2024 - HPJC_P25


    Jan 31st 2024 - HPJC_P24


    Jan 30th 2024 - HPJC_P23


    Jan 29th 2024 - HPJC_P22


    Jan 28th 2024 - HPJC_P21


    Is 58 enough pockets rule

    Think of all the things you could put in those numerous tiny pockets.


    Jan 27th 2024 - HPJC_P20


    Jan 26th 2024 - HPJC_P19


    Jan 25th 2024 - HPJC_P18


    Jan 24th 2024 - HPJC_P17


    Jan 23rd 2024 - HPJC_P16


    Jan 22nd 2024 - HPJC_P15


    Jan 21st 2024 - HPJC_P14


    Jan 20th 2024 - HPCJ_P13


    Jan 19th 2024 - HPJC_P12


    Jan 18th 2024 - HPJC_P11