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Boeing sales tumble as the company gets no orders for the 737 Max for the second straight month
  • I was watching this Korean show, they made a whole huge deal about a corporation stealing 5 billion won from the public. I literally burst out laughing when I googled the conversion and it's 3.5 mil USD, big corporations here steal that amount in a quarter second just by breathing yet in Korea it's apparently an amount worthy of its own entire show. US is such a fucked oligarchy.

  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Everyone has heard for DECADES that overpopulation is a problem, soon as humanity self-corrects though its "oh no what about our lack of disposable factory workers". I don't like living on this world can someone take me to the horse head nebula or something

  • DEA to reclass marijuana to Schedule III
  • Cops job isn't to protect you or I. It's to protect the people who pay them and their interests. It's just a government sanctioned gang and anyone who believes otherwise either isn't paying attention or is one of the people who pay them.

  • It is truly magic
  • Ah sorry there was an older Lemmy original meme. Was a typical survey question, one of the options was "only alert me on important updates" or some such. Spawned like two straight weeks of stroganoff memes. Google doesn't search lemmy well or I'd link you the page

  • bOtH SiDeS!!1!
  • That is not what the word gaslighting means, yet again. And I'm sorry but you're not REALLY so niave as to think third party is winning this election? In which case yes by your actions you are just as okay with trump as Biden. It's really not difficult to work out but apparently you have difficulty with the meaning of words.

  • bOtH SiDeS!!1!
  • I would try and correct you on your incorrect usage of "gaslighting" but I have a feeling you may have trouble understanding distinctions. Good for you for publicly announcing you're just as okay for trump being president as you are as Biden. Good luck in preferred candidate winning.