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Lauren Boebert is laughed at on the House floor as she’s fact-checked by EPA head
  • Both of these do fall under the idiotic and malicious choices category, in my opinion.

    The "beach blonde bad built butch body" thing exists because MTG is a malicious idiot, and decided to attack Jasmine Crockett about her eyelashes during a House Committee meeting.

    The "beetlejuice handjob" thing is because Boebert is an idiot and decided to commit lewd acts in public.

  • Satanists to volunteer in Florida schools in protest at DeSantis religious bill
  • You bring up a good a point, and it is meant to be provocative on purpose. It really helps remind Christian people of the importance of separation of religion and state when they see Satanic statues next to the ten commandments after they pass legislature requiring display of religious symbols and what not.

    It's one of the only effective ways to get these people to stop trying to push their religion on everyone else. Those types don't typically listen to reason or compromise with others, for that matter.

  • LGBTQ+ orgs blast Joe Biden's "cowardly" statement opposing surgeries for trans youth
  • There's a lot to criticize about the dems and Bidens administration, that's for certain. One thing we can say is that even though it hasn't been the best ally to LGBTQ+ community as it could be, the alternative is an enemy and great threat to all marginalized people. Trump will most definitely work to ban any sort of gender affirming care.

    The DNC deserves criticism for sure, and I completely agree with calling out it's bullshit. They need to do better and/or we need better options, for sure. They should be our most conservative party in an ideal world.

    Criticize, loudly even, just please don't throw away your vote. I'm afraid people's apathy is going to get an actual enemy elected.

  • 'There Are No Kings in America': Biden Blasts Supreme Court, Issues Dire Warning After Immunity Ruling
  • Murder happens all of the time in Capitalist society, too, you know? Even though it's 'illegal' and all that.

    Anarchy does not mean no rules, it just means there is no state to enforce those rules. Communities can still enforce their own rules in Anarchist society, and one of those rules can be 'don't murder'.

  • 'There Are No Kings in America': Biden Blasts Supreme Court, Issues Dire Warning After Immunity Ruling
  • I don't think that case is a good comparison to a bunch of leftists taking up arms against the state. That was protestor on protestor violence and involved two people. Had nothing to do with a bunch of Americans standing up to a tyrranical government at once. The Marshall's response was disgusting, but that's to be expected with someone like Trump holding the reins.

    Some better examples would be MOVE in Philadelphia who got bombed, and the black panthers in California who got the Republican led government to make laws against the second amendment. Still, I think these groups were too small, we just need more people.

    You do bring up a good point, but we haven't really tried, yet. It might be different when the feds are actually against a large group, but they will never be deterred by smaller groups. The problem is actually getting enough people to care enough. People are very attached to their bread and circuses, and I understand. The revolution would not be an enjoyable struggle.

  • Sovcit thinks the real estate agent is crazy.
  • As a software engineer, I can say that almost all Realtors work harder and longer than I do. My job isn't really hard work. It can be stressful, and it requires a good chunk of prerequisite knowledge, but it is not 'hard work'.

    I think you have the wrong idea of what hard work is. Go do some construction, landscaping, retail, or work in a kitchen/restaurant if you really want to see hard work.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • You are very right, and I feel your pain. I'm not judging you for feeling that way, at all.

    I just don't think that abstaining from voting is going to work in favor of fixing this issue. If anything we need to keep voting to keep the country as left as it can be for now, until we can shift the two parties we are forced to pick from farther to the left.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • I hop off the train at the part where the top-down dictatorship comes into play. Probably a bit before the level of authoritarianism where the Joseph Stalin type starts killing people for having a dissenting opinion, and what not.

    Using the state to enforce good wages and end the terribleness of the stock market/landlord culture does not need to involve a top down dictatorship and a lack of democracy.

    I know about the "dictatorship of the proletariat" and all that, and in my opinion, it should involve all of the workers, not one person or a small group of people. A top down dictatorship just makes it all that easier for the party to be infiltrated and controlled by bourgeois interests. If said dictatorship is a true democracy, with each worker having an equal say, it makes it pretty hard to control the proles.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Tankies have read Marx and Engels, yes, but there are many other forms of leftism and even other forms of communism that aren't ML. You are right about ML communists, in particular, but many other leftist movements are anti-authoritarian by their nature, so the point still stands.

    Also, it's possible to do the reading and disagree with the methods of implementation. I agree with the economics and the stated goals of communism, but I don't believe authoritarianism is the best way to go about it.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • If Project 2025 is successful, we won't ever have another democratic election. Our election is going to work like Russia's does after that point, and we will have a dictator of some kind that pretends to hold elections.

    So, unfortunately, this is not the way.

  • Lemmy is the best social media
  • I see now. Intriguing take you have. It's different than the way everybody else classifies things, but I guess I can see where you are coming from. In my opinion, ML theory is pretty left leaning when it comes to economics and the end goal of it, but the authoritarian plan for transitioning to it does not align with most other leftist virtues and ideas.

  • Lemmy is the best social media
  • This just pretends democratic socialism doesn't exist. Like there's nothing between liberal and ML communist.

    So, you are saying that if someone wants the same end goal as you, but has a differing opinion on how we accomplish that, you insult them. I'm sure you change a lot of minds and make a lot of friends with your method.

  • AOC defeats moderate challenger in Democratic primary
  • I hate it when ignorant people conflate Nazis and communists. I have argued with so many dumb people who think that the Nazis were a Socialist party, when the exact opposite is true. These people probably think that the DPRK is democratic, too.

  • The US healthcare system is barbaric...
  • As someone who has lived here my whole life, you ain't missing much. We have some beautiful wilderness and outdoor areas, but that's about the only reason to visit here. There is beautiful wilderness in other places, too, we just have a whole lot of it. There is really no reason to live here, unless you are incredibly rich and want to take advantage of our non existent taxes for billionaires.

  • The US healthcare system is barbaric...
  • At a previous job I had, my coworkers all made less than 50k a year. Still, every single one of them was against raising the minimum wage, because "we make above minimum wage, and if this passes than we won't get a raise." It's definitely some crab bucket mentality.