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How would the BBEG act in this particular situation?
  • Obviously you have a lot of possibilities with a villain who is being deliberately portrayed as unhinged. I think the line you need to walk is between making it honest and ruining the fun. One thought that came to mind was the reset. If the bbeg is on the back foot and it looks like the PCs got it, have the bbeg throw a tantrum and wish to try again. Everyone's HP resets, and maybe he had a few new special abilities to counteract the offensive moves that they first tried. Not to mention, this also goes back to a time when the bbeg has a wish spell. This makes it like a boss fight with multiple health bars, but there are some players who don't like this type of encounter vehemently and it can feel cheap. I wouldn't do more than 3 "rounds." If you party is really tactical, you might also entice them with new weaknesses that are telegraphed or maybe an environmental assistance.

    Another idea that came to mind would be wishing they already won. Then you flash forward to the PCs about to be executed in some theatrical way, turning the encounter into a 007 escape that leads directly into the real boss fight. Maybe there are some low level horde waves, some skill checks, some absurd monologuing.

    Best of luck!

  • Cody Rhodes Confirms He's Signed A Multi-Year Extension With WWE
  • Agreed. Even when folks were starting to sour, I still really liked Cody in AEW. And I understand that he has a legacy he wants to fulfill. Just kind of a bummer that he was a major part of building this rival company only to jump ship.

  • Logan Paul: Die-Hard Wrestling Fans Are Upset About The PRIME Center Ring Sponsorship
  • There's virtually no media without ads anymore. I can mostly stomach it if the content is free and the ads are not intrusive. But now it's normal for paid content to have ads. There are ads in full price video games. Advertisements have infected everything to the point it is malignant.

    More specifically to wrestling, ads have been a major aspect as long as I can remember (thanks for trying to shove Stacker 2 down my throat as a minor), but at least paid events were limited to a logo during replays or animations at the top of the show. The state now is just excessive and it's gunna get worse before it gets better.

  • If you lost half of your income, but got memories of a a version of yourself living a life of leisure with that part of your income every night, would life be better or worse than it is right now?
  • That's a wild question, cause for me and most of the people I know, a fantasy version of myself with double my income would mean not worrying about groceries, maybe a short trip out of the country once a year, being able to pay off debts, and affording some medical procedures that we've been putting off. Maybe saving some money so my kid isn't homeless in a few decades. Not some life of leisure.

    To answer your question, though, it would be categorically worse.

  • Brandon Thurston: “I respect everyone has different goals in wrestling media but we get to ask only a few questions per month to WWE EVP Paul Levesque and rarely have access to any other executive...”
  • 100%. Given how close Vince got to top stars and how much sway he had over other execs and upper level staff, there is a hell of a lot of possibly poisonous apples in that bunch. As good as getting Vince out is/will be, that will be wasted if they clamp down and smother any future investigations. There is no way everyone left is clean.

  • Help with a player that likes the idea of being a caster, but not the mechanics
  • If you want to bend backward to accommodate this player, you can. Give them a reason to behave that way. Make the other PCs know and understand. For example, in Dark Sun, magic saps the natural world of life and cruel, terrible things happen when magic is cast. Maybe the knife-wizard knows this. Let the spells be dangerous to other people and the environment, but not the party. Have the others in character ask/beg the caster to use a spell, especially if this matters. You can help balance encounters around whether or not they will need to dip into this costly magic.

    I've dealt with a crossbow wizard before and, tbh, it is easier to have them just face the repercussions of their choices. Granted, that was a one-shot with close friends, but you do what you think is best.

    Quick Edit: it might be worth talking about how ttrpgs are a collaborative game and that players should be working together to their goals, while they seem to be dedicated to playing not only suboptimally (which imo isn't a problem) but they are playing in a way that is actively disruptive. Perhaps not as bad as actively attacking teammates or the like, but this would ruin my fun. I don't want to play games with people like that.

  • Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer
  • I've read two books and listened to 6 hours of podcasts detailing how absolutely horrible Vince has been, and he still SOMEHOW is worse than I've conceived. Absolutely disgusting human being, and shame on/charges for everyone who has known and covered for him.

  • Pro Wrestling TommySalami

    AEW Collision Tonight!

    Y'all excited? I'm cautiously optimistic, and very hyped for Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. I'm just really sour on all the Punk stuff. I was out of wrestling during his big WWE run, so I don't really have any emotional tie to him. I can respect his contributions and his drawing power, and I did like a lot of the stuff he did in AEW during the first run. It just seems to me Tony is betting big on Punk, and I don't think I'd have the same confidence given all that has happened.