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They’re coming (with labels) for your gas stoves
  • And you've upgraded the lid knob on all of them! (Mine had a plastic knob, I bought a replacement)

    I've got a... Collection? Of Pots and pans, I just want a cheap Teflon pan for a few recipes, And when I don't want to train house guests on seasoned pans.

    I will have to train said house guests to not use high heat though, 3700w cooks. (We had a cheap, low performing gas stove, so this is a huge upgrade)

  • They’re coming (with labels) for your gas stoves
  • The slow response stove you mention is a radiant electric stove, induction is much more instant action, and finding one with reasonable knobs is easy these days. (It's also easy to find ones with digital controls that would confuse more people than it's worth)

    Induction works almost exactly like a wireless phone charger, except that the power (as heat) instead goes directly into your pan's bottom.

  • They’re coming (with labels) for your gas stoves
  • We recently did the change to induction here, and the only thing I miss from my gas burner is my non stick pan that was aluminum. I did need to buy a few other replacements, but I haven't found a non stick 12" in a store that I can make chili cheesy Mac in. (The tomato base eats the carbon steel seasoning, and I don't want to spend a bunch on a pan that is delicate)

    Some day though.

  • Apple punishes women for same behaviors that get men promoted, lawsuit says
  • Because in Apple's mine, what equality is bringing down all salaries to the lowest common denominator, not bringing up salaries. They want to pay the bare minimum, and want to do it while complaining that it's too much

  • Friday's pie (taco)

    Had leftover taco fixings, so we made a taco pie this weekend. A bit of the pizza had crushed nachos (kid requested). Overall, a solid pizza.


    (homemade) Tonkotsu ramen, with pork, egg, corn, spinach, and enoki mushrooms.

    This was yesterday's dinner, the last of my freezer pork (this means I get to make another batch)