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Prompted ChatGPT with "create an SVG file representing the flag of X"
  • I don't have the SVG files any more, sadly.

  • took blåhaj to pride parade rule
  • i did find another person who brought their mini-blåhaj tho!

  • took blåhaj to pride parade rule
  • lots of people gave me looks of acknowledgement and appreciation for blåhaj

    but no one recognized/acknowledged the color scheme from my scarf/sash :(

  • You know what they say about assuming
  • Genuine question: Is there a part of you that fears that by blocking dissenting voices, you may be reinforcing your filter bubble?

  • Israel War Cabinet member Benny Gantz files motion to dissolve parliament
  • Right before October 7th, Israel was in the midst of a huge political upheaval because of the looming judicial overhaul. Gantz was the leader of the opposition, and the main political rival of Netanyahu. The country was extremely divided, almost verging on civil war.

    Right after October 7th, Israelis were focused on unity, survival, and combatting Hamas, Hezbollah, and other threats.

    Gantz joined the war cabinet mostly to signal that whatever disagreements he and his party have with Netanyahu [of which there are many], he still prioritizes national unity in the face of existential threat.

    This unity was fragile, and by now the political infighting in Israel is back in full swing.

  • You know what they say about assuming
  • How do you choose who to block?

  • Conservatives are freaking out because they learned that some animals are gay
  • The trailer for the series is full of comments criticizing Peacock (the publisher) for releasing this documentary and saying they'll delete their Peacock accounts.

    I've never heard of them before and I might open an account specifically to watch this! It looks genuinely good from the trailer

  • Fact checked
  • My friend, I will give you the benefit of doubt and believe you when you say that this post's purpose was to make fun of how shitty Twitter's community notes are, and that is indeed an important topic to shed light on, so people won't treat community notes as reliable.


    You can rest assured that a significant portion of the people who saw this post believed it as straight fact.

    It is impossible to overstate how gullible people on the internet are, and how readily they will straight up believe conspiratorial BS, especially surrounding controversial topics like Israel.

    That's how Poe's law works, and it is attitudes like yours that don't take this shit seriously that end up inadvertently contributing to an environment full of libelous antisemitic conspiracies on the internet.

    I beseech you to carefully consider this stuff if you ever plan to post such a thing again.

  • The Millennial CAPTCHA
  • /(=✪㉨✪=)\

  • If it works, kill it.
  • Tombstone 2025-2027 Google Euthanasia

    Will be killed 3 years from now, Google Euthanasia will have been a service to order remote drone assassins for instant palliative relief. Closed due to privacy laws in the EU.

  • If it works, kill it.
  • I've been using 'Pocket Casts' on Android for years. Highly recommend it.

  • Always CYA
  • Was that a thing that actually happened?

  • I'm experiencing an anyeurism
  • Correct!

    51.503, -0.111

  • Ukraine backers blast ‘double standard’ after allies rush to Israel’s defense
  • It's worth supplementing this with his earlier statement from 2 days ago:

    “Ukraine condemns Iran’s attack on Israel using ‘Shahed’ drones and missiles. We in Ukraine know very well the horror of similar attacks by Russia, which uses the same ‘Shahed’ drones and Russian missiles, the same tactics of mass air strikes,”

    “It is critical that the United States Congress make the necessary decisions to strengthen America’s allies at this critical time,” he says.

  • Ukraine backers blast ‘double standard’ after allies rush to Israel’s defense
  • Another part of the answer is geographical. Jordan helped Israel intercept because their airspace is between Iran and Israel.

    The distance between Russia and Ukraine is far shorter.

  • Dutchy of Gelderland war banner says trans 🏳️‍⚧️ rule

    This was cropped out of The Siege of Rhenen, Master of Rhenen, c. 1499 - c. 1525

    > # The Siege of Rhenen, Master of Rhenen, c. 1499 - c. 1525 > oil on panel, h 182cm × w 143cm Catalog entry > > On July 8, 1499, soldiers of the Duke of Gelderland entered the Utrecht city of Rhenen and set fire to houses. In this way the duke tried to expand his power. But his attack failed and the Gelderland troops withdrew.

    Tau circle constant Toldry

    Behold the Folded Circle Snack Discovery

    Tau circle constant Toldry

    The Tau Manifesto No, really, pi is wrong: The Tau Manifesto

    For millennia, the circle has been considered the most perfect of shapes, and the circle constant π captured the geometry of the circle in a single number. But π is wrong, and it’s time to set things right.

    No, really, pi is wrong: The Tau Manifesto
    mimicry Toldry

    Spider-tailed horned viper is a rare and highly venomous snake that uses its tail as bait for birds. The tail with which she waves looks like a spider, and the viper itself blends with the landscape

    mimicry Toldry

    The Buff-Tip Moth: the resting posture, shape, and color/pattern of the buff-tip moth allows it to mimic a broken birch twig; the moth's buff-colored head and the patches on its hindwings even resembl

    mimicry Toldry

    This moth from the genus Phalera looks like a fragment of twig complete with chipped bark and even the layering of wood tissue at the “cut” ends... perfectly resembling a broken piece of wood to avoid

    Sorry for the reddit gif link, I couldn't upload the gif to imgur for some reason

    mimicry Toldry

    juvenile Laniocera hypopyrra instinctively mimics a poisonous caterpillar when it senses a predator nearby

    mimicry Toldry

    Uropyia meticulodina moth looks like a dead leaf

    mimicry Toldry

    Urutau bird camouflage

    mimicry Toldry

    Ant spider. Observe how it waves around its “feelers” which are actually front legs


    Linux laptop recommendation thread🐧💻

    I'm on the market to buy a new laptop, and Lemmy has successfully coaxed and goaded me to give Linux a serious try.

    I've never used *nix as my personal OS.

    Which hardware/laptop do you recommend? And which OS to pair it with for a Linux newbie?

    I'm a software engineer, and quit my job to pursue an MSc in AI. So my uses will be:

    • programming
    • study
    • browsing lemmy
    • gaming

    Prompted ChatGPT with "create an SVG file representing the flag of X"

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