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AI models collapse when trained on recursively generated data
  • Well... Its built on statistics and statistical inference will return to the mean eventually. If all it ever gets to train on is closer and closer to the mean, there will be nothing left to work with. It will all be the average...

  • You're Being Lied To. The EV Market Hasn't 'Stalled'
  • That would be nice, but are you implying that the same manufacturers that put spyware in one vehicle refrain from doing it in the other solely based on drivetrain? I try to come up with a logical reason, but I fall short.

  • How Influencers and Algorithms Are Creating Bespoke Realities for Everyone
  • Sure! And with internet the people we are with can be on different continents, all of us forming our bubbles of reality based on the information we are presented. Same as it ever was. The only difference is that before you shared your experience with the people you saw in the room, with internet you share it with the people you see on the screen. But since two people i the same room doesnt share the same experiences anymore, it becomes much easier to spot the differences in eachothers realities.

  • How Influencers and Algorithms Are Creating Bespoke Realities for Everyone
  • It's not the social media, it's human nature. It has always been this way, only social media/internet did it on an individual where it was previously more a group thing. Like TV before cable. Like radio before TV. Like newspapers before radio and like religion since its inception. As far as "creating bespoke realities" this is just the latest step on a journey started with storytelling...

  • GNU-Linux
  • Even the term itself is a generalising stereotype. But it we are to have a somewhat serious discussion about it, I'd say It's a human condition, not a gendered condition. For example, given what is (not) known about our respective genders, you felt the need to explain this.

  • Scorching heat across five continents set 1,400 records this week and showed how human-caused global warming has made catastrophic temperatures commonplace.
  • You dropped your /S ;)

    I know where you are comming from, however. But the thing is, not doing that isn't helping any either. And one thing that needs to be said, which isn't reported on nearly as much as it should, the EU green deal, fit for 55, while it still isn't enough, is legislation which has passed, which has teeth and which will keep EU working to reduce carbon emissions. And will keep us running as fast as we can to be able to make the cut offs and deadlines.

  • The Greens Are Dead. Long Live the Greens!
  • I agree. To many are happy to think its somebody else's fault and that "our children will pay for me".

    Another hurdle, and nobody likes to admit it, is that a whole lot of the emissions stem from the wants and needs of the people. Not the wealth in itself. So the responsibility falls differently than the wealth distribution.

    Make no mistake, We need to be better at taxing wealth, with all it's unwanted social and economic effects and disregard for the ecological ones, but it might prove trickier than expected.

  • This is a real threat :(
  • I did not in any way mean to suggest sensitivity is not a factor, only to suggest that light sensitivity may be more of a spectrum and that there are persons living in a darker world than others. So, it may not be a person on the top of the bell curve that need more light, but someone on the other end of the spectrum entirely.

    Since the top comment in this thread was about needing more light in an already bright room i meamt to say that there might be reasons why people around us prefer 1 or 100000 lumen...

  • This is a real threat :(
  • Apparently all eyes are not created equal in ability to transfer light to the retina. Some has narrower or wider fields of vision as well. So, where your eyes may be well adapted to low light levels, others may not be. In a world with no artificial shadows and the sun high on the sky for most of the year, being able to filter out sun light might have been a pro, while now needing lots of artificial lights to see straight.