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Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Lemmy isn't a monolith, including the ones in this thread. I've seen as many people calling for him to drop out as those saying he should say. End of the day, none of us have anything valuable to say you should be relying on for insight.

  • How a little-known tool is sweeping the real estate industry by giving instant access to vast amounts of homebuyer data
  • I tried to sign up for an account but didn't have any luck. I'm just wondering what this company charges to sell my personal info...

    Glad I didn't use a realtor in my home purchase, but honestly half my neighbors probably looked me up with a tool like this.

  • Butter is serious business
  • Time to share this nugget from the crusty vaults of my memory. At Kroger, the price tag on the shelf for their Land o' Lakes White American Cheese read: "LOL White American"

    It's stuck with me for years.

  • Inside Ziklag, the Secret Organization of Wealthy Christians Trying to Sway the Election and Change the Country
  • You don't really think all Christians are Roman Catholic, do you?

    I was raised a Southern Baptist (excommunicated myself) and no one ever told me I couldn't be in a secret organization. Evangelical Christian definitely don't believe this.