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This wasnt even that long ago
  • When it's no longer working sometimes you have to abandon being the better man and punch a bully in the mouth.

  • Missouri execution plans move forward despite prosecutor trying to overturn murder conviction
  • "If we don't use all this killy stuff that we paid for that's just wasteful."

  • I'm confused
  • The problem is that the Republican party and their billionaire backers that benefit from an illusory democratic system have spent at least decades rigging it to be really fucking difficult for liberals to actually win an election in some areas. Propaganda is not the least of their tools.

  • I'm confused
  • There isn't much that your average American citizen can actually do. In fact, there is a greater than zero chance that was the driving force behind the shooter's actions. We're mostly just a long for the ride.

  • They just have undeniable chemistry or something
  • I don't like this being a focal point, but I think it's worth asking if you don't mind: what is your income like? Reality being what it is, that can make a measurable difference.

  • We could be about to get some Light No Fire news!
  • I'm not sure how being unable to land on a small barren rock is "screwing over players", but ok.

  • We could be about to get some Light No Fire news!
  • You would refund it and move on with your life like any sane human being. Most people wouldn't hold a grudge because they got over promised and under delivered on a video game nearly a decade before.

    I don't think anyone is defending the launch state of NMS in contrast to what Sean Murray was promising, but it has been pretty clear for a long time that Sean was not trained on pre-release community interaction, got caught up in the excitement of the hype-machine, and way oversold the state of the game. They have since had between 20 and 30 FREE major updates and have turned it into a decent and unique game that tons of players love.

    What more do you people want?

  • We could be about to get some Light No Fire news!
  • The guy cherry picked 4 features out of hundreds that were promised and have been delivered on. Who gives a shit about landing on asteroids when there are literally countless planets and some of them are basically just barren rocks. Destroying space stations doesn't really fit into this gameplay loop and wouldn't really make sense given the upper end of the power curve in NMS.

    Listen, I don't love the game. I played probably 20-30 hours back in 2020 and have reinstalled it briefly a couple times since. It wasn't really my favorite style of game, but it's perfectly enjoyable.

    To be this upset about some fairly innocuous broken promises speaks volumes about this person's mental health. ESPECIALLY since we're talking about a game. These are the kind of people that send devs death threats.

  • We could be about to get some Light No Fire news!
  • You're awfully upset about a game that they have spent 8 years trying to make good on.

  • Clarence Thomas takes aim at a new target: Eliminating OSHA
  • Hey, speaking as a construction worker, get fucked. OSHA keeps people like me alive. Just get fucked. I cannot express this passionately enough.

  • History repeats itself.
  • What a stupid argument.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • If people hate your guts chances are you're not a good manager.

  • Who is a fictional character that is loved you find either overrated or you don't get the appeal ?
  • Minsc is getting a big punch up for the nostalgia factor. He's a beloved character from the original games and has been featured in other D&D stories.

  • No Diggity
  • Thank you

  • I fucking hate the job search
  • WTF are demonstrable analytical skills?

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Your post was bordering on irrelevant to the original comment. In light of that the information you provided can really only be interpreted is as pro-fossil fuel.

  • fuck lawns (fuck lawns) fuck them very very much
  • I would wager that the majority of people posting about lawns that require maintenance don't actually own a home with one or are forced to do said maintenance by their parents.

    The native plants that can grow in my lawn are not appealing so if I were to just let it go wild I would have a shitty looking, pest riddled, brown, half-dirt/half sticker mess that my kids can't play on. We have beds where we can make them work but I do not have the time, money, or inclination to make it fence to fence flora. Also the most common bugs we get are mosquitoes and I would rather not encourage them any more.

  • I just want to play this awesome game.

    Y'all, Helldivers 2 is just so much fun. I would not have assumed at the beginning of 2024, just after completing Baldur's Gate 3, that I would be championing an always online squad shooter - but this game is just so damn enjoyable. Furthermore, the community has been so engaged and invested in the spirit of liberty that it's made me prioritize a style of game that I thought I had mostly left in my past.

    Now we're in the middle of this huge nonsense with PSN and it has completely sucked all the air out of the room. I understand why people are upset and I don't agree with the shit that Sony is trying to pull. I just want to keep this magic going.

    I don't have much to say other than try to maintain some empathy for Arrowhead, as this seems to be out of their hands. They genuinely seem to want to just make a kick-ass game.

    Keep up the good work Helldivers.


    Turns out Helldivers 2 uses a real life game master.

    Arrowhead has been curating the game with a Game Master named Joel. Everyone thank Joel for giving our missions that human touch.


    Father Son Bonding

    No exciting catch pics this time but I wanted to share this beautiful moment I had with my son a few weeks ago.