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Nightdive Studios confirm Linux and macOS ports of System Shock are cancelled
  • With proton around, what’s the point in investing in to Linux ports?

    With macOS, who cares? Saying this as a guy who used osx for over a decade. Wrap it in wine like 99% of everything else. Or just get a steam deck.

  • We're all just characters in someone else's cyberpunk story
  • And all the hot singles right around you

  • US Justice Department to Seek Breakup of Live Nation-Ticketmaster
  • They mention every company you listed in the article…

    “Biden’s Justice Department has already filed twin monopolization cases against Google and in March sued Apple Inc. for allegedly thwarting innovation on its iPhone. The Federal Trade Commission, which jointly enforces the antitrust laws, is seeking to force Meta Platforms Inc. to sell off its Instagram and WhatsApp units and sued Amazon last year for monopolization of online marketplace services.”

  • Oppencraft
  • This is so stupid I love it

  • It's hard to watch your favorite team lose
  • Dunno man. We do travel soccer and it’s fun. Soccer is a physical sport and some grit is needed to be successful as you get older. Making sports less competitive is bogus.

    I did coach baseball with my other kid for 11 seasons and it’s the same thing there. Participation trophies are killing sports and making it acceptable that it’s okay not to try and succeed. To me it’s a huge disservice to the kids.

    Competitive sports isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. There’s plenty of other hobbies out there for kids to get involved in.

  • Anon helps with his gf's vaping addiction
  • Nic salts give me wicked headaches so I don’t mess with them at all. Last time I got so light headed I almost fell. That’s saying a lot too since I used to Dip a lot back then.

  • Anon helps with his gf's vaping addiction
  • I’ve never in over 10 years seen 50mg/ml eliquid. This has to be salt nic right? Tried that once or twice and that stuff was bonkers. Been around the scene for a while too and even released a few recipes that are on the front page of ELR

    I don’t see how this four Chan guy could have been able to pull off his claim… doesn’t really add up

  • Anon discovers a diet trick
  • It is calories in/out but having guardrails is super helpful to a lot of people. Many overweight people got that way because they run pretty loose ships when it comes to diet to begin with. Rules can be helpful. Intermittent fasting of course is pretty popular and followers seem to get results.

    Couple years ago I lost a bunch of weight just following “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” which I’m sure is quackery- but it was effective. Felt great too.

  • ts moment
  • A lot of WoW people used vent and so people just used what they were used to

  • Is this a crime? Thoughts?
  • Now I’m hungry

  • Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs seen physically assaulting Cassie Ventura in 2016 surveillance video obtained by CNN

    Pretty sure the guy who doesn’t know who puff daddy is was at least around in the 80’s

    Could have recently been defrosted from the early 90s though

  • Is this a crime? Thoughts?
  • Pretty much what killed Elvis although he did add bacon

  • Those poor jeans had it rough
  • I just asked my wife who graduated 2001. She says they were popular late middle school/early HS which would have been like 96–98. I was in Canada at that time so makes sense I wouldn’t have noticed.

    I remember the bell bottoms coming back. Big fan of the 2000s remix version.

  • Anon catches his wife
  • Oh, im really not that deep. I don’t spend much time worrying about what others are doing for sex or intimacy.

    Some other user said it’s probably because I can’t compare myself to a girl, unlike another man, which is probably true.

    Appreciate you explaining what they probably meant by that comment as I was extremely confused

  • Those poor jeans had it rough
  • I graduated HS in 2000 and never really saw more than a very small handful of people wear JNCOs. I’m in northern Virginia though so maybe they just weren’t as popular around here. Didn’t see any JNCOs up in the Toronto area either.

  • xkcd #2933: Elementary Physics Paths
  • Sounds like he’s related to this guy

  • Anon catches his wife
  • Yeah that probably has a lot to do with it now that you mention it.

  • Don't be a tool of the corpos and the state.
  • Plus it was the only way I could get CDs with explicit lyrics like Rage Against the Machine

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