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  • No, no, you see, because she grew up as a Poo Person she now understand the world from their point and realizes how much they've been abused, so she pledges to lead and create a new society because it all turns out to have been a big misunderstanding. Then Poo People learn magitek and we get a sequel with the spin that now they are the oppressors, followed by a movie adaptation that completely ends up killing a cult classic.

  • Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • I wouldn't mind Reddit if it weren't for the opaque and hidden moderation. Tree nested communication is much more superior than traditional thread based communication. We need that in truly federated fashion, and lemmy was just a step there whose questionable leadership hampers any real wide-scale adoption.

    Lemmy does slightly better, but essentially proves that when you have shitty administrators and moderators, the only thing that's going to be transparent is the quickest and easiest excuse, and when it's a lie it remains it remains incontestable. You only need to look at threads titled " tankie censorship problem" and read the comments to get a sense of the scale of the problem. Discord, at least it's much more obvious that you are joining closed off communities and that discussions are essentially time limited.

    Things like community wikis have also dropped off in use specially recently because it's becoming clear how much of their content is intent on milking their users. First it was ads, and it was excused because "hosting costs" (regardless of how comparable they were), now it's AI scavenging your content and those services actively preventing you from eliminating content you contributed but are no longer willing to let them host.

    Even in Lemmy, where's the option for me to remove my comments when I no longer want them to be hosted? In Lemmy, due to its federated nature, it's even more difficult, but given that you can edit comments and have those updates propagated, not impossible. But nothing beats reddit in abuse, where they shamelessly tried to say they would allow respect and allow users to monetize their content but instead proceeded to do the complete opposite. The fact that there might/will be some other cache on the Internet that stores the content does not excuse it and give people the right to pressure and dismiss chain of ownership of those contributions.

    Add to this that the economy is far worse and that the tech boom is shrinking and much more competition driven along with a general decline in society for respectful contributions and discourse, and you get a lot less of the sort of charity that was involved in older communities.

  • It'll end up as "Vote stupid parties, win stupid prices"
  • It really depends, there's plenty of ways to politicize an educational system and call it well-working. I think a more crucial distinction would be to teach people to be able to discern good sources from shit sources and how they can be manipulated without realizing it, and having taught across several semesters, if a good education system is simply not viable (i.e. poorer EU countries).

  • CEO Relieved AI Can Never Replace Him If He Already Contributes Nothing To Company
  • I think I'd choose a traditional CEO over an AI, AI can be quite the asshole when it begins hallucinating and can dig quite the ideological hole for itself, specially when the existence and nature of the company defines the goals and arguments it will adopt.

    Now HR, I'd love-hate seeing AI replace HR, knowing some of the assholes that make the rounds in it. Unfortunately, same problem with AI.

    The biggest problem with AI is that it only needs to fool us that it is making an intelligent claim.

  • tankie censorship problem
  • Happened to me with an even bigger instance because of an asshole admin making shit up. A solution might be to divide up the host of the user comments versus the moderator agents versus receiver of the comments. If your host bans you, that's it, but if the receiver bans you, that only affects their users, and if a moderator agent group bans you, that only bans you from their distribution group of moderator agents but could be read by other groups.

    If a community / group-of-moderator-agents-under-a-community-tag-for-a-particular-host bans you, you'd have to find another groups of moderator agents or accept all that are allowed by your host. Accepting all allowed by your host could only realistically exclude the worst offenders - spammers, doxxers, etc - so you'd really be incentivized to find a better block of moderator agents if you want to avoid certain types of comments. People who want to live in a bubble could live in a bubble but people who want to prioritize the greatest participation would try to find the most lenient host and the most lenient moderation agents, at least to their particular sensitivities.

    It would be a truer federated model, but this is not lemmy as it is.

  • ✨️ Finish him. ✨️
  • You would still need to be recognized before someone more recognizable takes it and sticks their name on it the moment they see any validity in it. Plagiarism isn't a myth, and good luck getting recognition even just for a hypothesis without a master and just as a hobbyist.

    Academics want a well prepared research paper without evidencing crude freshman mistakes, and by its nature yours might be far cruder than academic standards. Even if you do end up releasing it and if it does by some miracle get acknowledged, it will by its nature take longer and run more risks from a lack of peer review that might discard it due to simple but correctable mistakes while running the risk of getting it plagiarized by someone capable of fixing it up, and no one is going to take a random blog as the proof of a preexisting theory over a research paper with a name with some masters to it that claims the idea was entirely theirs shortly thereafter. And if all you care about is the study of reality and science, why risk the heartbreak of getting personally involved?

    Patents don't need to be a full comprehensive research pieces, they just have to be enough to define and identify particular intellectual property.

  • ✨️ Finish him. ✨️
  • Seems like a very elitist and gatekeeping perspective, specially considering how closed off the academic world is for the rest of society in some places, never mind expensive to publish. It's also basically saying that if you, say, come up with a groundbreaking hypothesis, that that's not science until you get a research paper out, and that might require mastery that goes beyond the hypothesis.

    Sure, this might stop most of the looney theories from being called Science, but it also prevents public access in favor of those with the means and capacity to sustain an ever more complex geocentric model of the fashion of the times, from which any divergent theories must generally part from or involve renown in.

    You think the person who made that hypothesis will die bitter and forgotten? Is that the general view of people who are not Scientists by Scientists? They might know what's up, and might not want the gatekeeper to take all the credit, as is often the case in academic circles, and might just feel satisfaction in seeing their hypothesis gratified. They might place more importance in exploring and understanding reality than compensating for personal insecurities. Perhaps it is science itself that might stagnate by stalling until it itself is able to discover these hypothesis under the properly accepted emeritus when they are eventually able to get to it.

    Mostly it's just looney theories, but given Musk is involved, I imagine this discussion involves proprietary patents that do have a lot of research involved and under peer review of teams under non-disclosure agreements. Then again, it's Musk, could be mostly looney theories too. But the fact that it involves Musk, the man living off of Nikola Tesla's fame, a man whose demise could have been described to have occurred under the circumstances of a bitter and forgotten end, makes the gatekeeping particularly ironic.

  • real progressivism = against hate of all kinds
  • I don't think the problem is the lack of real progressiveness, I think the problem is with an attempt to gaslight it from both extremes. Just got banned from worldnews (again) on completely gaslit reasons because of criticism I was making against the Act.IL remnants operating over there. Downvoting into oblivion isn't enough for them anymore.

    I've also noticed comparable instances of shadow removals from the other side of the coin in [email protected] where they similarly gaslit their reasons. I've sort of decided if both sides are going to be this putrid, then I'm going to step out of their propaganda wars, and gotta say, the Mossad side is rapidly losing ground regardless of the advantage they might have had.

  • Internet Archive is continuing to face DDoS attacks after several days, says “this attack has been sustained, impactful, targeted, adaptive, and importantly, mean”
  • If it's an entity, my money would be on China just discovering it exists since it diametrically opposes its propaganda machine. But it could very well just be dark web shitheads whose seasonal drug binge just spiked up again, plenty of them to go around to make accusations and propaganda they know are false whom can't simply backtrack it because of and it doesn't require much to disrupt a still too largely implicit trust driven Internet.

  • Israel sharpens its tone to Spain: "The Inquisition is over. Those who harm us, we will harm them"
  • I mean, it sounds like you are informed, so you should know that the current government is leading only through a coalition of different parties that are barely a majority, so they have to talk.

    The opposition parties don't mind DoS'ing Spain (just look at the expired Supreme Court that has still to be renewed) just to create unrest. The only opposition who tags along are those that don't want to see society dragged along for political maneuvering.

  • Israel sharpens its tone to Spain: "The Inquisition is over. Those who harm us, we will harm them"
  • But ... they do want you to think about it. Spanish politicians talk about that stuff all the time and some party platforms run on it. Spanish Congress is literally voting on housing laws as you comment and there's heated debate between coalition members on unemployment measures as well. Are you sure they are the ones throwing smoke screens or could the source be closer to home?

  • Israel sharpens its tone to Spain: "The Inquisition is over. Those who harm us, we will harm them"
  • This isn't the funniest bit so far, the funniest bit is that Netanyahu's is now meeting with Spain's far-right, the party that attracts real antisemites. Of course, they are truly anti-semitic, as in hating anything recognizably brown enough and not just colozioniolists changing names from Mileikowsky to Netanyahu, so I'm sure they would love a repeat of the Haavara Agreement anyway with a leader they clearly share a lot of values with.

  • Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die | Your Steam games will go to the grave with you
  • It's the executors job to handle the inheritance, which is very different to transfer and sale. Insurances and services of all types handle inheritances, and they ask for documents specifically only available in such circumstances to verify it. It really is due to unwillingness on behalf of Steam