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  • We used to be able to put up a blanket "wall" across two chairs to stop the dogs from crossing. It took them a few years to realize they could simply walk through/under the blanket.

  • Finger licking rule
  • Yes, the box that contains "Shirt"

    Fun fact, the geographic center of the contiguous states is very near the center of the top edge of Kansas. Including Hawaii and Alaksa, the geopraphic center shifts to the top left corner of South Dakota, just east of where Montana and Wyoming meet.

  • Am I old now?
  • I have a kinda thick wallet, but it was a gift (and a relatively pricey one too), so I try to use it to its fullest.

    I will probably replace it with a much thinner one when it falls apart.

  • Finger licking rule
  • As someone who lived in Kansas, just look for the middle of the middle.

    The center column of states has 6 states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas), and Kansas is in the middle of that vertical line (given that the northern 3 are a bit thinner).

  • Missing cold pizza
  • Bacon, eggs, hashbrown, an english muffin, and a glass of milk... is what I would say if I were a teenager again. I'll probably just have an english muffin, a cup of tea, and a fruit.

  • Makes sense to me
  • I think tank in most MMOs is a low-desire role. It typically hinges entirely on having a healer to keep you tanking, as well as holding an immense responsibility to be aware of aggro patterns and incoming debuffs. You eat a lot of blame for not tanking well, even if it's just because your healers mispositioned or some DPS decided to steal aggro by spamming too much of X move.

    And generally, you don't feel as much of the "I did a thing!" feeling as, say, a rogue pumping out damage or a mage casting a slew of debuffs and DoTs.