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New Player - what classes do you like to make everyone? [no spoilers]
  • I can see that for Monks and Druids. Druids especially haven’t seemed that fun, though it has been fun to have Halsin run around as a bear. I haven’t yet tried out the Elemental forms on him though. I also have 0 monks, but considered speccing Karlach into Open Hand Monk.

    I’m planning another run with my first ever D&D character, a Dragonborn Cleric/Monk from 3.5, so we’ll see how it feels.

    I think I’m planning on doing Life/Nature Cleric 1 and then 4 elements the rest of the way.

  • New Player - what classes do you like to make everyone? [no spoilers]
  • Ruin the theme, I guess? MCing Gale into starting fighter 1 to get Heavy armor just looks funny. Taking Shadow out of Cleric levels would also just be weird.

    Besides, I’m more use to games like Mass Effect or Borderlands, where the class is chosen for each character and you make the build work for them.

  • New Player - what classes do you like to make everyone? [no spoilers]
  • Re: Minthara

    Have you considered using Helm of Acuity + Band of Mystic Scoundrel and Hold Person?

    I have Helm of Acuity on my Tav Bard/Paladin and it’s been nice from throwing out a CC like Hold Person with a high as hell DC after throwing out 5 attacks via Haste+GWM bonus attacks.

    Once I get the Band of Mystic Scoundrel it will be nice to cast Hold Person as a Bonus Action.

  • New Player - what classes do you like to make everyone? [no spoilers]

    What classes do you like to build for everyone?

    I’m running my Tav as a Bard/Paladin/Wiz to mimic my favorite character I played from 5e a few years back.

    Astarion is a Gloomstalker, Shadowheart is a Light Cleric, Gale is a Fighter 1/Wizard X, Wyll is a Draconic Fiend Sorlock, Laezel is a Red Draconic Sorcadin. I haven’t really used Minthara or Halsik much, but imagine they would stay single classed as Oathbreaker and Moon Druid.

    Name a Superhero you just can't stand
  • Did you ever watch the Spiderverse movies? I feel like you’d appreciate Peter B Parker a lot.

    Personally I don’t really hate any superheroes. I never fell in love with Wolverine like most people did though. My first experiences with X Men were the first two live action movies, however.

  • Final Trailer for Indigo Disk!

    I haven’t grabbed the DLC yet but I am considering it. If you’ve purchased Teal Mask, do you think it’s worth it? I was waiting for reviews to come in for Disk before I bought it.

    I'm looking at buying a sodastream - where can I find good syrups?

    I live in the US, and can only seem to find a variety of soda syrups that ship to Canada here.

    This was my best lead but am looking for sometime similar that ships to the US.

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