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Sleep is good for the brain
  • I think an important part of the conversation is that most teens have a different circadian rhythm.

    Ideally, the schools start late enough that teens can go to bed at midnight or 1 AM and still have enough time to get the sleep they need. Instead of school ending at 2 or 3 o'clock in the US, why not end at 5pm and make the start time later?

  • Ultrawide or multi-monitor setup?
  • Decent 34" ultrawide monitors can be had for under $400 each if you don't care about high refresh rate/VRR/curved. LG makes some great ones. I neglected to mention the size, 49"s would be crazy expensive

  • Ultrawide or multi-monitor setup?
  • Why choose?

    I have dual ultrawide monitors and a 24" in portrait mode next to them. The 24" won't connect to my work laptop, but the dual ultrawides give plenty of real estate since I can have four windows open at the same time

  • Any love for Kubernetes here?
  • My recommendation is to look into k3sup and Rancher. I had a lot of trouble trying to install rancher in a docker container and migrating to a cluster after, and k3sup makes it really easy to set up a k3s cluster without having to configure everything manually

    You can accomplish the same task with docker swarm, but I figured it would be better to learn something that wasn't abandonware

    I haven't dug into the storage side yet since I have a separate NAS, but it will probably be beneficial to set up something like Ceph, GlusterFS, or Longhorn if you don't have one

  • Any love for Kubernetes here?
  • Yeah, Kubernetes is designed to run in a cluster so you can pool processing power and memory from multiple devices. I banged my head against the wall for hours trying to figure out how to set up a cluster by hand, but then discovered if you install Rancher in a regular docker container it can handle all that for you

  • Any love for Kubernetes here?
  • Love is a strong word, but kubernetes is definitely interesting. I'm finishing up a migration of my homelab from a docker host running in a VM managed with Portainer to one smaller VM and three refurbished lenovo mini PCs running Rancher. It hasn't been an easy road, but I chose to go with Rancher and k3s since it seemed to handle my usecase better than Portainer and Docker Swarm could. I can't pass up those cheap mini PCs

  • The creator of Pixelfed announced an upcoming encrypted messenger for the fediverse that will work across the fediverse
  • From my understanding, open source encryption is actually better for privacy than closed source, since then you can have external auditors. Basically, encryption is doing a TON of math involving prime numbers, so even if you know the algorithms used, you still won't be able to figure out what the secret (or password) is without using inordinate amounts of computing power.

    For more reading, check out Kerkchoff's Principle