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Dim Inactive Windows to Help Focus Using a GNOME Extension
  • The thing is, Firefox has an extension API. It's a proper thing that they maintain, and make guarantees about. GNOME intentionally doesn't have an API, because if they did, the things extensions could do would be limited to what those APIs expose. Instead, they let extensions do whatever they want, patching the code of the shell directly. This comes at the cost of extensions needing to be updated for new shell versions, but it lets extensions be extremely powerful.

    In fact, Firefox had this issue a few years back. They switched from a GNOME like system to the WebExtensions API, which is more limited and broke basically every extension if they didn't update. There are still some add-ons that can't be replicated because they need functionality the API doesn't expose.

  • 5 Things LINUX MINT Objectively Does Better Than WINDOWS 11
  • As in turn it off or on, or change the curve itself? The option to turn it off or on is in the main Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad page with GNOME 44, labeled "Mouse Acceleration." Which is, in my opinion, easier than Windows' obscure Windows 95-style pop-up for "additional mouse settings" and then "enhance pointer precision."

  • No Adblock is a deal breaker.
  • Ah, you're on Android! In a few months, Firefox on Android will support all extensions. You should be able to use them then.

  • Florida caves and allows AP Psychology class in humiliating defeat for DeSantis administration
  • At the end of the school year, yes, there is a standardized nationwide AP test for every AP class.

  • Optifine won't install on Linux Cinnamon
  • Most of them are!

    Anything I'm missing? I might have a more complete list tomorrow, as I'm on my phone right now.

  • Rethink Activities button - Allan Day Rethink Activities button (#227) · Issues · Teams / Design / os-mockups · GitLab

    Over the years we have observed a few issues with the current Activities button: The word Activities hasn't always resonated with users, and in...

    Rethink Activities button (#227) · Issues · Teams / Design / os-mockups · GitLab

    Mock-up and a proof-of-concept extension posted a couple days ago by Allan Day. It replaces the Activities button with a workspaces indicator.

    I think it looks promising! It's more useful than just text, and looks pretty slick. Plus, you can scroll on it to change workspaces!

    Framework Laptop 16: our exclusive hands-on -
  • There was an issue with the 11th gen mainboards (the first Framework laptop generation) that if the laptop was left unplugged for too long (like, weeks), the internal RTC battery would deplete and the system would become unbootable without resetting the mainboard. They fixed it in the next generation, though.

  • Why can't flatpaks just work
    1. That site isn't RedHat/GNOME. From the bottom of the letter:

    Note: Even though some of us are Foundation members or work on GNOME, these are our personal views as individuals, and not those of the GNOME Project, the GNOME Foundation, or our employers.

    1. They aren't against user theming. Again, from the site:

    If you like to tinker with your own system, that’s fine with us. However, if you change things like stylesheets and icons, you should be aware that you’re in unsupported territory. Any issues you encounter should be reported to the theme developer, not the app developer.

    They're against distributions shipping custom stylesheets by default. Which makes sense! If a user has a stock installation, and an app looks broken, they aren't going to assume the distribution messed it up. They might not even know that the distribution changed the theme. It can also cause confusion for users when their app doesn't look like the screenshots from the developer. These cause issues for app developers.

    That's it. That's all the letter is saying. It's not a crusade against you theming, it's asking for theming not to be done by distributions.

    (P.S. I don't intend for this to be aggressive. Just wanted to explain a bit more, because the name does sound... not great.)