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Prabowo Looks to Win Indonesia Presidency: What to Know
  • I don’t know if this place is actually still even alive, but I’m hoping try and find who’s still lurking in there. This guy won the election three months ago, and yet there hasn’t been any new post in here ever since.

    Anyway, here’s my take on the election. Prabowo Subianto represents a new age of politics in Indonesia. It shatters the idea that our society is culturally divided between Muslim extremists and social reformists.

    Both the extremists supporting Anies Baswedan and the reformists supporting PDIP cannot accept that. Prabowo Subianto and his team represents a third force that they consider a new threat to their agenda.

  • Alternative to bad parental advice: "Stand up to bullies"?
  • Your bully is not bullying you because you’re ugly, or because you’re a nerd, or because you’re an idiot. They’re bullying you because you have no friends. Any person with no friends are vulnerable to bullying.

    People keep telling us to ignore them, but it’s not so simple when you don’t have much to distract you. The bully feels more comfortable bullying the kid with no friends because nobody is looking after them.

    I’m a victim of bullying in school. I’m not necessarily a nerd, and my looks aren’t much less than average. My only weakness is having no friends. So, the easiest way to escape bullying is by making more friends.

  • What do you do to cheer yourself up ?
  • I can relate. I’m a huge fan of public transportation. I love exploring different places using a public train. One of the things that I liked doing with public transportation was to intentionally make myself get lost.

    I was once robbed on a public train from Jakarta on my way home to Tangerang after visiting my friend. Since then, I’ve become more careful not to take a public train to places that seem dangerous or unsafe.

  • Why don't people care about human rights anymore?
  • True, but students are vulnerable to being expelled from university for being involved in public protests. Public universities in my country do so in order to discourage students from protesting the government.

    I’ve lost faith in the social power of public protests myself. I’ve basically stopped believing in democracy. Most protests these days are driven by politicians seeking to topple the government or other politicians.

  • In what subtle (or significant) ways has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  • I’m currently living at home in Tangerang. It’s a commercial city in the local metropolitan area of Jakarta. My city went from rice fields and factories to modern office buildings for major international businesses.

    They usually say that in Tangerang, everyday they build something new. It could be just about anything. It could be a shopping mall, an apartment building, or a place of recreation. I’ll never get bored in here.

  • Indonesian rich girl - AMA

    Hello. I’m a seventeen-year-old Indonesian girl, raised by an upper-class family with four older brothers. I’m provided an allowance of six-thousand dollars per month. I’m currently living at home in Tangerang.

    My hobbies include shopping or hanging out with friends. ‘JOHN WICK’ is currently my favourite movie. I drive a luxury car from BMW. My daily outfit includes a t-shirt, trousers, and shoes from Christian Dior.

    My boyfriend comes from a working-class family. He’s currently living in Bali in order to work and study. We’ve been dating each other for over four years since high school. He’s been my first and only partner.

    I’m a thin, dark-skinned, long-haired rich girl. I’m currently living with a maid and a pet cat in Tangerang. My father is a public member in the government. I come from a very rich family. Please ask me anything.