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jokes and pranks
  • How about you stop pretending you're not head over heels and tell her you love her, and get married and grow old together?

  • dudes will see this and go hell yeah
  • For real though, unless you're a filthy aroace like me you either want to be her, date her or both

  • especially as the hack flows downriver to distros with actual dignity like mint. Like this is pollution of the water supply dog!

  • egg_irl [Gender-Nonspecific]
  • I'm going to be honest, Ranma Β½ is a trash fire of a show and I don't want it fixed or finished. Let it rot in the past where it belongs and give me more actual trans rep.

    It will always hold a place in my heart (next to Sheldon fucking Cooper) but how about instead of reviving that circus, give me a whole new circus with characters who aren't racist stereotypes (Shampoo) or punching down at queer women (Akane, Tsubasa) or whatever the fuck Haposai was?

  • well at least they aren't trying to make me install snaps, and patching apt so if I sudo apt install firefox it installs the snap version.

  • I have great tits and autism
  • Average doctor behaviour. Remind them they make less than people who draw wolf ass and that they fucking deserve it.

  • checkpoint
  • Please warn me if you have back problems or chronic pain. I like tight bearhugs and I don't want to aggrivate such conditions

  • AV1 Race
  • libaom is a fucking joke. SVT might be a memory hog, but as the proud owner of a system with enough memory to run it, I can proudly say my 1 minute video rendered in less than ten minutes and somehow had worse compression than x264

    Wait, whot?

  • Is there anyone here who uses BSD on their desktop?
  • If most BSDs are running on the likes of AWS and azure (which wouldn't surprise me) then it could well be true

  • A poem I wrote as an egg, and in love with a straight guy.
  • So did you ask him out after you cracked?

  • head empty
  • Is that Komi?

  • Actually idk where to ask..
  • That's just going to result in "beats me"

  • Actually idk where to ask..
  • Less likely to get RTFM from people who remember what it's like to love a computer not obsess over it I suppose

  • Gaily Autistic
  • Well I'm not straight

  • school chromebook
  • Me: Types chrome://version into my address bar
    Page: Comes up blank
    Me: …
    Me: Oh yeah, I ditched chrome months ago after the manifest v3 debacle and am using firefox. How did I forget?

  • every day
  • You know I'd forgotten Lemmy has no downvote button till I saw this

  • Under the sea 🎡
  • I'm pretty sure the mermaid just wants her in the water so she can eat her