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‘Mean Girls’ Party Barred Server Due to Weight, Suit Alleges
  • Purely speculating, but it sounds like he's clinically depressed, and weight gain is often a byproduct of depression. Depression is considered a disability at the federal level, so he's potentially part of a protected class.

    I personally don't buy the "he's big and tall and it's distracting" argument. From what I can tell, this wasn't part of a film set or the like; it's just a normal party. Since he's a server, what about his appearance is stopping him from doing his job? If appearance matters so much, what's stopping his employer for providing a new outfit? Companies are legally required to provide accommodations in this case if the server has a disability, which might be the case.

    From the few excerpts I've read, this just seems like a few judgemental execs didn't want someone to get paid because of his weight, and I have 0 sympathy for that BS. The only other take I've seen is that due to space constraints, having him would be an occupational hazard, which is fair.

  • Do you leave a tip for housekeeping if you're only staying one night in a hotel?
  • The problem is that people in this thread are in the mindset that tipping encourages lower wages, when in reality, low wages encourage tipping. The US has an absurdly low minimum wage relative to the cost of living, and that minimum wage of $7.25 has an exemption for tipped employees who can earn as little as $2.33 an hour. While it's true that many states have higher minimum wages than the federal wage, there are several that are the same as federal.

  • Do you consider Lemmy/Reddit (and similar platforms) to be social media?
  • I don't think they are. In my view, social media is either personal ( i.e. pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat ) or short + very mainstream ( Twitter, TikTok). Reddit has too many niches that collectively make up an enormous chunk of the platform, plus it is very anonymous. I'd argue that the same is true of YouTube, and a lot of the content is closer to TV and journalism.

  • You shouldn't listen when people tell you what they look for in a partner. It's mostly survivorship bias.
  • "Hey you're complaining about all the asbestos you had in your house but you still had asbestos in your house...what's up with that?"

    Past choices don't reflect present knowledge or values. This is true on both a personal and societal level.

  • 77% of Top Climate Scientists Think 2.5°C of Warming Is Coming—And They're Horrified
  • I don't like this mindset, because while there are plenty of businesses, billionaires, and governments that keep burning coal to keep their cash flowing, there's plenty of scientists, activists, engineers, governments, and organizations that are making a difference. We shouldn't be discrediting the hard work of people who are trying to save us or at least delay doomsday.

  • Tekken director asks why Americans want Waffle House to be a stage in Tekken 8

    Obviously it is so that the combatants can sit down for a nice waffle and a cup of coffee.

    Tekken director asks why Americans want Waffle House to be a stage in Tekken 8
    22 Texas Dairy Queen workers were selling meth with soft serves, police say

    A group of workers at a Texas Dairy Queen were accused of using the store to peddle methamphetamine and police said 'Operation Blizzard' shut it down.

    Texas Dairy Queen workers were selling meth with soft serves, police say
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