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It’s not just boomers, young people are voting far right too
  • American hegemony was a conscious American policy choice. We didn't want the Euros having an independent foreign policy, we wanted them reliant on American military protection. This was how the US kept those bits of its empire in line.

    Notice how the only Western European country that even pays lip service to independent action is France, the one Western European country with a military capable of independent operation. And then we get "Freedom Fries" and all that shit whenever they don't do whatever the current US admin wants.

    The single biggest thing Trump fucked up for the US was pushing NATO countries to spend more on defence. This will drastically reduce US influence over the continent in the coming decades, speeding up America's worsening diplomatic isolation.

  • The Vitamin
  • Therapy might help with the childhood trauma but it imparts the poverty trauma.

    Which one is better depends on the build you're going for and whether you want to recruit all companions and get the true ending or are fine with the neutral.

  • Hidden in the Mountains Base - 20 years - Wealth over 9.5m - 40 Colonists - Arid Shrubland - 300X300
  • Bugs have terrible armor penetration, so some heavily armed melee pawns are basically invulnerable. Ghouls from anomaly, with some bionics, are also great.

    You can also cheese their spawn location relatively easily, or prevent them from spawning entirely if the temp is below (iirc) -17 c.

  • Greater Idaho movement: 13 counties in eastern Oregon have voted to secede and join Idaho
  • Electoral college. Idaho always goes red, Oregon always go blue. Moving population from Oregon to Idaho transfers electoral votes from a blue state to a red state.

    Whether it matters or not depends on whether it changes the tipping point state in any given election, which is hard to know in advance, but for the red team it is at worst identical to the current setup and at best a small boost to their chances in a presidential election. Conversely for the blue team it can either be meaningless or a slight negative.

  • I'm still having a good time
  • Because cheating the progression could affect the monetization.

    If I blitz through the game and unlock everything with cheats, I'm much less likely to stick around and spend on the premium armor and battle passes. The point of the daily orders and slow progression is to make the game a habit, which increases the likelihood that someone will spend by increasing the number of chances they have to do so.

  • Dunes vs Star Wars
  • Hard agree. The first book is an amazing experience and while the new movies are great on their own, they leave out a lot.

    The third movie, covering Messiah, will probably be better than the book because the book wasn't as strong as the first in the series. It is even more cerebral and very very very far into the 'plans within plans' shit. A movie that simplifies that a bit in service of a tighter story has room to shine.

  • Creative Assembly Reportedly Working On A Total War: Star Wars Game
  • I'm not sure I'd trust modern CA to do Med3 justice. The new style of Total War is just a different beast from the sublime RTW/Med2 era.

    Lots of little things changed, and it just 'hits different'. Probably the biggest difference is just that every single fight after the first 20 turns will be a 20 stack vs a 20 stack, and every single battle is life or death for that army. It makes the campaign much faster paced - declare war, wipe stack, capture cities for 3 turns until the AI magics up another 20 stack.

    In the original Med2, since there wasn't automatic replenishment, there were often battles between smaller stacks, even in late game, as they were sent from the backline to reinforce the large armies on the front. Led to some of my greatest memories trying to keep some random crossbowmen and cavalry alive against some ambushing enemy infantry they wandered into. The need for manual reinforcement led to natural pauses in wars and gave the losing side a chance to regroup without relying on the insane AI bonuses of the modern TW games - and I do mean insane; they'll have multiple full stacks supplied from a single settlement.

  • Attention! Butt missiles. That is all.
  • Early heat seekers wouldn't reliably lock an aircraft from the front, since the heat signature is really only visible from the rear.

    Something like this would almost certainly need to be actively guided, but then the RWR needs to be more expensive and that cuts into yacht money for the Lockheed execs.

  • Server as heating device - how do I do this?
  • There's no real complexity. Computers are first and foremost electric space heaters, a negligible amount of energy is used to perform computation.

    If you would be heating a room with resistive electric heating, a computer drawing the same wattage can do the same job while also, in theory, doing some useful work.

    If you are just evaluating heating options, heat pumps use less energy to output the same heat.

  • Helldivers 2 CEO wants the galactic war to last "forever" even if Arrowhead has to "sunset" the game in the far future and the devs have to make an AI game master
  • I had no idea it was a stingray game. I thought it was only Fatshark stuck on that POS engine haha.

    Things like the grenade glitch are going to be more related to th game logic than the engine, but depending on how the engine handles scripting it could be back to being an engine problem.

    Overall I've never thought of Arrowhead as a 'quality' developer - I had a great time with Magicka and HD1, but the jank was part of the charm.

  • OLED monitor momentum expected to continue — analysts expect 1.34 million units shipped by year end
  • Most OLEDs today ship with logo detection and will dampen the brightness on static elements automatically.

    While it isn't a silver bullet, it does help reduce burn in since it is strongly linked to heat, and therefore to the pixel brightness. New blue PHOLEDs are expected to also cut burn in risk. Remember that LCDs also used to have burn in issues, as did CRTs.

  • YOU.
  • They send random gifts some times, usually a code to redeem something in a game I don't play.

    Some super reacts - animated emojis basically.

    Other than that I really couldn't tell you. I don't think the subscription is worth what the subscription gives, but the alternative is the free product gets worse faster, and that would disrupt a lot of communities that I enjoy interacting with.

    Thinking of Discord as a whole, I think it is worth the nitro price. Not in love with the trajectory though.

  • YOU.
    Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • enough men exhibit predatory behaviour to the extent that a decently large percentage of women fear the average man more than the average bear.

    Women should fear the average man far more than the average bear because they will almost certainly never encounter the average bear, but will encounter thousands of men.

    That said, the entire argument belies a deep misunderstanding of statistics. Many women, perhaps most women, have experienced trauma at the hands of men. Many men, perhaps most men, have not been perpetrators of that trauma. There is not a 1-1 relationship between victimized women and guilty men - there is a minority of men who negatively affect many women.

    The entire thing has become flamebait and it is impossible to have an actual discussion about it. The point is to start a conversation about how women feel unsafe in society - not to talk about bear attacks and incels.