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my problems have mass
  • I’m definitely joining you in being an old codger but this “Nobody” thing is the stupidest meme format I’ve ever come across and it enrages me every time I see it

  • How do you keep your homes clean?
  • So wait, you take your shoes off at the door, but your dogs (who invariably step in their own piss and shit), have free reign?

  • Scientists discover first new antibiotics in over 60 years using AI
  • I mean, honestly, probably the latter, BUT this time, the atom gets a say too.

  • i think he could
  • We’re going to need a video of this now. Pay the cat tax.

  • Happy International Coffee Day
  • Apparently it was the 1st, so I hope she enjoyed her coffee lol

  • Gotta date yourself sometimes
  • It’s a bug-sized bug, so seems to be a normal sized outlet haha

  • Watch MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's meltdown in 2020 election deposition
  • Yep, that’s exactly how totally innocent people behave in a disposition…

  • A Men’s Movement Leads A Nationwide Quest To End Abortion
  • This is satire. Right? Please someone tell me it’s satire.

  • Internet developments have gone from exciting to dreadful.
  • Agreed. We need to revert to meaningful tax brackets and apply some new ones to prevent billionaires.

  • Internet developments have gone from exciting to dreadful.
  • It’s the cancer that capitalism truly is. If you’re not growing, you’re failing and enshittification is an inevitable late stage consequence of capitalism.

    It’s just pump and dump.

  • Senate confirms Biden FCC nominee, finally giving Democrats a 3-2 majority
  • His constituents love Obamacare as long as you call it, “The Affordable Care Act” lol what a nutsack

  • Should I use chromium based browsers or firefox?
  • I’d love a desktop version of Vanadium once they get the adblocking working better