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What are you drinking, Lemmy? Memorial Day weekend edition
  • Tej, tej and more tej. Recently became obsessed with this delicious Ethiopian honey wine and I picked up a case on a trip. I wonder how it would work in a cocktail like a brown derby or other honey flavored drinks, but I'm too busy sipping it on a warm evening to even try mixing it with anything yet.

  • I have 2 dozen eggs to use up
  • It absolutely can be done by hand, though it may be the dish that convinces you that an electric mixer is worthwhile! 🤣

    I'd say if you've made a hollandaise or whipped cream by hand, its a bit less work than that.

    I often cheat a bit and make a simple custard from 3 eggs, 1 can of evaporated milk, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract, whisked together and baked in a water bath until still jiggly in the center, but otherwise set and that's barely any effort. Make a caramel to coat the bottom of your baking vessel that you add before the custard mixture and call that a flan.

  • What's in your cup this week?
  • It used to be $6.99 a pound ten years ago. That was wonderful. While it's still my favorite light roast, it's expense means I drink it maybe once a year when I get a bag as a gift or a treat for myself.

  • Party crash in Azeribarule
  • I think a few cold war era helicopters had lil desk fans in them that were only there to give a visual indicator to the pilot and gunner that the generator was offline and to remedy that issue.

  • Saturday drink, what are you having?
  • Went out for KBBQ and had Cassis Oolong and soju all night and now making a Sea Breeze nightcap. Been in a big grapefruit mood, but didn't wanna make another batch of honey syrup for Brown Derbies.

  • Fucking Trudeau
  • Most? I'll hear that. There's a lotta cheap ice cream on the market that's more ice than cream. But any? Naw naw, ice cream made from good quality cream, made slowly, with fresh fruit is an outta this world treat.

    Though, most times I want something cold and sweet, I'm making something closer to the "nice cream" another user suggested.

  • I can't believe it tastes different
  • That was a "fine enough" substitute before commercial egg replacers got as good and commonplace as they are now. I'll still do it for some recipes as I like the added apple flavor and moisture, but I generally use Ener-G Egg Replacer for replacing eggs in a dough mix and maple syrup for egg washes when vegan baking these days.

  • I can't believe it tastes different
  • This isn't as crazy as it seems. In some bread and cake recipes, you can easily replace some of the oil with applesauce and have a successful bake. I've done this with muffins and banana bread to great success.

    They're still being foolish as you need some fat for most bakes to work and using apple sauce introduces more fiber, protein and water instead of fat, but it's not a totally baseless substitution.

  • Pissing in Stainless Steel Sinks is Better than Ceramic BECAUSE of the Audible Report.

    The audible report of your pee smashing into the free-floating thin stainless steel is desirable in the way that it informs others you are sink pissing. The ceramic bowl preference shown in this community is a sign of cowardice and shame in one's true self.

    It has the added benefit of scaring away predators and attracting sexual partners.

    Piss proud. Piss loud.

    Doc, I think something is wrong with my head, I can't sleep lately

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    > Doc, I think something is wrong with my head, I can't sleep lately

    Looking for Recommendations on High Gloss Black Primer

    I got an idea to some candy coated metals and I'm looking to see if I can find a good recommendation on a super fine black gloss primer in a rattle can.

    I got this can of Behr Premium from Home Depot, but I think the paint is a tad thick and I was hoping for a glossier finish.

    Any y'all got any recommendations? I was also considering trying an automotive primer because I figured they'd be glossier.

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