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The "one bad apple" claims always ignore the many many many bad apples that exist
  • The one that got me most was Thumping, the standard operating procedure for killing baby piglets. They grab them by the back of the head and smash them into concrete until they're dead, depicted ~6 minutes into Dominion

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  • For me it was thumping, the industry standard way of killing piglets by grabbing them by the back of the head and smashing them into concrete until they're dead. That or the CO_2 acidifying every mucus lining in a pig's body, chemically burning them alive while they suffocate to death because people get enjoyment out of it

  • The moon is a hot topic worldwide!
  • That changes the second it comes down to saving millions

    Bruh millions of people died in the US alone from COVID and people were actively fighting measures to ease the bleeding on principle alone, and money was certainly not unlimited.

    The people cheering on the rapture would absolutely prevent anything being done to redirect an extinction level asteroid if they thought they wouldn't be affected (and they will think that). And plenty more people would question why they should pay to save otger people's lives, just like they do with healthcare

  • outjerked lol
  • Reacting to stimuli ≠ feeling pain. Plants do not have a nervous system, nor a brain, nor any way of consciously feeling that pain.

    If you want to understand what feeling pain is, feel free to watch farmers smash piglets heads into concrete (thumping, an industry standard) until they're no longer breathing or pigs being dropped into CO_2 chambers and having every mucas lining in their sinuses, eyes, throats, etc acidified as they suffocate to death.

  • outjerked lol
  • No, plants do not feel pain. They do not have a nervous system, they do not have consciousness, etc.

    Even if they did, that's still an argument for veganism. Where do you think animals get the energy they store in their bodies? They don't absorb it from the sun. They eat plants, use some of that energy sustaining their life, then you eat them and absorb some of what's left. Anywhere from 1/4 to 1/10th of the energy they originally consumed. Meaning if you are looking to minimize suffering, regardless of whether or not plants feel pain (which they don't), eating plants directly is how you do that.

  • Neverminding the evidence to the contrary.
  • Nah, don't you understand? I'm literally designed to hunt and kill animals, just like other predators.

    This gun? Well how else am i supposed to kill them? I don't have any sort of claws or sharp teeth or anything designed to kill animals for sustinence

    What do you mean why am i cooking the meat? I'll get sick if i don't, just like every other predator on the planet. Plus, i couldn't even chew it if it were raw.

    And all that is assuming natural = moral, which, if your moral code is equivilant to a lions, is not compatible with society. But it's convenient to not change most people's behavior, so they're cool ignoring the logical conclusion of that argument.

  • 54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances
  • Most of my shopping is at Meijer, though the $5 5lb bag of beans and $15 15 lb bag of brown rice are at smaller, local store I go to. I also get my spices there, though i replenish them so little i haven't been able to keep track of their prices.

  • 54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances
  • My food is only about $150-200 a month, and thats when i'm eating 3600 calories a day, instead of my current 2400. I live in chicago land, so it's not like my cost of living is cheap, and i buy good ingredients (ie San Marzano tomatoes and De Cecco pasta). Is there something i'm missing?

    This article's source material was focused on where inflation has been the worst, but outside of bread and tortillas, i don't think any of my staple foods have gone up in price in years? I guess tofu has gone up $1 a pound, actually.

    But broccoli is still $1 a pound here, beans are still $1 a pound dry, which is 50¢ a pound cooked. Rice is $1.50 dry, which is 33¢ a pound cooked. I guess fresh fruit prices have gone up a bit? But the sale prices are just as cheap as ever, and frozen fruit has only gone up $1 for 4lb since 2020, from $8.99 for strawberries to $9.99.

    All of this is to say inflation has barely affected my grocery shopping at all in the last 4-5 years, and that is with me specifically looking for it since my dad promised me it would

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  • They nerfed Zamezenta AND caly-I and left the mon that actually won worlds (and the blatantly best mon this gen, and second best AT WORST last gen) untouched, idk what's going through GF's head

  • Help w/ crash
  • You're only showing us part pf the error. There should be more above the list pf modules loaded that will provide useful information

    dmesg > dmesg-out will give the entire dmesg log as a text file, and you can cut out the irrelevant parts