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Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • It's worse then that. They're actively profiting from that discount rate, meaning they're ludicrously profiting from everyone who doesn't spend half their life getting discount codes (the cost of convenience)

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • Nah. I've been advocating for Linux for decades. For decades I've been trying to convince people to switch on its own merits, but none of that has been effective.

    It took Microsoft sabotaging their product for me to see the needle shift. So I'm done trying to convince people with carrots, it's time for Microsoft to convince the masses with sticks.

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • What's next Microsoft? Replace the windows os loading windows page with a 30s ad? Or have defender uninstall apps if a competitor pays enough? Maybe capture a screenshot of my screen every 3 seconds for AI analysis?

  • Are there any guides, tutorials or similar on how to use Steam more privately?
  • If your goal is to play "Robin Morningwood Adventure - A Gay RPG" from the comfort of your closet without your aunt getting a notification, then you want to mark the game private.

    Obviously, this is insufficient if you don't want the watchful eye of Valve themselves to be upon your gaming session.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • I'll accept that maybe I'm giving Google a pass because of misplaced nostalgia, and while I personally have never used or liked Meta Facebook, I'll concede that for a while it provided a service some people valued.

    It's still my opinion that Google and Facebook have a large percentage of engineers that personally try to make them a genuinely good service, at least moreso than compared to TikTok and Temu. But I'm willing to concede it's not as much a practical difference as I would like.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • Emphasis on by comparison, as in "molten hot metal is cooler than the surface of the sun, by comparison".

    TikTok and Temu actively have code in them that would be considered a virus in other contexts. They exploit your system to gain more access than they should, violating the point of sandboxed access.

    By comparison Meta and Google merely take advantage of user ignorance and apathy by making opting out frustrating - but still technically doable.

    Both practices are terrible, but that's not the same as saying they're equally bad.

  • Sorry I can't do it.
  • Obviously NixOS is the way to go for a gaming OS, just use the right flake and you're all set!


  • xkcd #2947: Pascal's Wager Triangle
  • Pascal was a famous thinker of their time, particularly in mathematics.

    Two of the ideas they're remembered for are Pascals Triangle and Pascals Wager.

    Their triangle is a helpful tool for combinations of things. Their wager is a (kinda bad in my opinion) argument for why you should believe in the Christian God.

    The xkcd comic is a combination of both ideas

  • Is there a good "random acts of kindness" community in the fediverse?
  • You can review blocked instances here:

    As for why? You're absolutely right, this is often over political issues(drama, censorship, values, etc), sometimes technical ones, and there's no guarantee that your instance's mods goals are aligned with yours. In a healthy instance, you can search for the name of a blocked instance and find a relevant post about why it was blocked.

    There are also blocklists: I don't know offhand if makes use of them.

    You can, of course, go to the blocked instance as a guest, to investigate or validate your mods' claims, but a blocked instance will not shoot up on your page.

  • Demoncore posting (Anonhistory)
  • A demon core was part of early nuclear bomb research. The type of reaction they were studying would emit blue light and a ton of radiation.

    It's been a meme to imagine the demon core as an available weapon in medieval fantasy, since it looks somewhat like a mace.

  • I see you
  • All about that bass, 'bout that bass

  • RealPage Rent Price-Fixing Probe Escalates With FBI Raid
  • Me too, but the pessimist in me thinks that the fine will work out to a 0.1% cost of doing business tax. Then publicly pinkie promise that they'll never do it again, while not stopping and showing no signs of stopping. 😓🙄😮‍💨

  • DAE have the experience that Microsoft OneDrive is fking frustrating & could be remedied on their end?
  • That would provide the storage. If you left it connected to a computer that was permanently on, and that computer was connected to a network, you've got a NAS. ☺️

    There's more to grow from there. You'll want to consider backups before too long as a safeguard against data loss, (but if this is your first NAS, that can be a task for another day)

  • DAE have the experience that Microsoft OneDrive is fking frustrating & could be remedied on their end?
  • Syncthing is what Dropbox was before Dropbox became a cloud service. It synchronizes files between two or more computers in real time, efficiently and using encryption. It uses open protocols and is open source.

    A NAS is Network Attached Storage. It's basically just a computer dedicated to providing you storage space. (Could be as simple as an old laptop with external USB drives hosting a Windows share to … much much more complicated, including dedicated specialized hardware or NAS-specific OS). Having your own NAS is important to building your own cloud alternatives, in my opinion.

  • Update: IRS successfully launches their own free Direct File - now ALL of my fellow 'murcans are eligible for 2025
  • But even that would cover a large percentage of the American workforce, and I imagine over a few years, it will grow to cover all users that don't need personal accountants. Progress is progress.

    Personally, I hope this transitions into a system where they email you a proposed return and you do nothing to accept it (only needing to take action if there's an issue).

  • DeAmazoning a FireTV
  • I have a similar use case, what do you recommend on the pi for a TV OS?

  • Using the API issue to jump ship

    Today is hard. We're at the heart of the conflict - but if we succeed we are free.