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How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  • I dont know if everyone at the company contributes equally to revenue. For example, if you are an engineer or in design work or QA, I assume you contribute much more than middle management or supervisors.

  • A System for Handling 1 Compromised Key
  • You're missing the most obvious thing the OP might have meant.

    I took it to mean the case when the public-private key pair has been compromised. Systems been hacked, someone looked over his shoulder when authorising himself etc etc.

    So OP is just asking what happens if someone steals my private key, and I need to tell the rest of the world my Identity cannot be verified using this key pair anymore.

  • Taylor Swift on her way to her plane


    Alright boys, I've been converted to the light side and have installed F-Droid. Now what?

    Basically title. I waited on installing F droid for a long time because my phone threw many scary warnings when I tried a long time ago. But now I have it, and I got some fossify apps, but since there is no "Editor's Picks" on F- droid I dont really know where to go from here.

    What apps do you recommend I install first to remove my dependence on closed ecosystems?

    What is my vulnerability surface ie, which sort of apps should I watch out for?

    Are there any bad faith companies in the open source sphere?


    List Open Source Workout Trackers you use here.

    Does anyone here use any Open-Source Workout Trackers? I've been using hevy, but their high fees, the fact that they are a company that holds my health data and has made no commitments to open source, User privacy, or fair trade practices like user data import/export has me looking around. I wanted to see if anyone had reliable open source alternatives.

    Tell me your workout tracking stories here! Tell me what you liked and what you disliked.


    I've been thinking of switching over to Voyager, but I heard that Voyager was built on elements from Chrome. As a layman what does this mean?

    Is using Voyager giving Chrome an opportunity to harvest user data? I'll take whatever you know about the Voyager dependence on chrome.


    Piped link to Fireship's video about C2PA Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Useful because now you'll be able to tell that something is human-generated instead of AI-generated, and content creators and people with a large public presence will now be able to police their own likeness being used by randos.

    Scary both because now whistleblowers or reporters could get their cover blown because the image has metadata linking them to it; or they could strip off this metadata and get the evidence dismissed entirely as fraudulent; and also because of the possibility that any regulatory government body that enforces C2PA will also determine what is real and what is not, meaning anyone on the inside will be able to generate AI content and pass it off as real to the vast majority of the population.

    Can't help but think they shortened it to C2PA instead of CCPA because of the similarity in acronyms of the latter and the big bad no-privacy country.

    What do you think? Non-issue, Slightly concerning, or apocalyptic?