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Arab Americans reject Biden, Trump reelection: Survey
  • For everyone here calling these Arab Americans idiots for not voting for Biden because Trump will be worse, this is what political disgagement and lack of hope look like.

    They know Trump will be worse. They also know that Biden will keep enabling this ongoing genocide.

    They believe, rightfully so, that their vote won't end the suffering.

    A bunch of smug dem voters telling them "Trump will be worse you dumb fuck" isn't going to change a thing.

  • Former Blizzard President Thinks Tipping Game Creators Is Great Idea
  • I feel like as I get older, books just seem more interesting and better value than games.

    An average length novel costs about a fifth of what a game does at retail, takes roughly the same amount of time to finish and is probably gonna take way more creative chances.

  • Muslim leaders are 'out of words' as they tire of the White House outreach on the war in Gaza
  • Both Palestinians and Israelis see each other as existential threats. Ignoring this basic reality means there will always be conflict in the region.

    Palestinians are suffering en masse right now, I don't think anyone reasonable is denying that.

    But what do you think happens if the underlying, justifiable, fear that they each have of the isn't addressed? There will be more massacres and more war, and like in every war, innocent people will pay the price.

  • One of the World’s Richest Women [Truong My La Lan] Sentenced to Execution
  • It's about balancing principles....

    On the one hand, I feel somewhat strongly that the state shouldn't execute criminals. On the other hand, it's more important that billionaires face the consequences of their actions like normal people do.

    In this instance, justice demands death.

  • Muslim leaders are 'out of words' as they tire of the White House outreach on the war in Gaza
  • If you're an American it seems like your choices really are between Biden and his slow genocide or Trump with his quick one.

    It doesn't seem like you can really rely on your political leaders to help resolve this conflict in a way that doesn't lead to more suffering and death, only the pace at which it happens. If those are the only two options, I don't blame Muslim and Arab Americans for giving up on Biden.

    I think it would just be more honest to acknowledge there's no real support amongst any American political leadership to minimise the suffering of either the Palestinian or Israeli people.

  • Sound Off: How many 10+ year redditors have left the site?
  • About a decade or so on Reddit. Most of it through Relay when I was an android user or Apollo for the last few years.

    Deleted my account. Don’t really think about Reddit anymore unless it comes up on a news site or here.