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The diminishing returns of in-office mandates
  • I love how media is slowly moving away from "RTO is bullshit" to "It has some benefits but they're taking it too far". Next week it will be "What were we thinking? RTO is here to stay!"

    As so many people have said, there's plenty of jobs where this isn't necessary at all. The conversation needs to stay focused on the flawed conceptions of corporate suits in an echo-chamber.

  • Is Microsoft trying to commit suicide?
  • I've seen this over and over in corporate environments.

    Suit A has a terrible idea but enough fawning bootlickers to get the process moving.

    Worker A, an employee, knows this is a terrible idea but doesn't say anything because they wanna keep their job.

    Contractor B, obv a contractor, is there to make money and hopefully turn their stint into something more, so they speak up. And get canned.

    What is it about Suits that they can't listen to literally anyone but their own echo chambers? Oh yeah, they're angling to jump into a bigger echo chamber. The 1%.