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Amazon is bricking its Astro business robots less than a year after launch
  • This is pretty close to how it works here in Finland, although I'm not sure if it's based on national or EU legislation. The cost of recycling is baked into the price of any electronics, and as a rule of thumb, you can drop off any small devices to be recycles at stores that sell appliances. When it comes to bigger appliances, the stores only need to take your old one if you're buying a new one. You can of course also bring them to municipal recycling centers.

  • Europeans of Lemmy, what places in Europe should foreigners avoid at all cost?
  • Indeed. My girlfriend lives there, last time I was over we went to the big demonstration against mass tourism. I felt a bit sick at the airport listening to all the north European pensioners talking about how they rent a place year round for 800€/month just to spend the odd week now and then there. While many locals working in tourism make minimum wage, around 1300€/month I believe.

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • I realize I'm very privileged. If I'm working on an issue for a whole day or a half day, everything I do during that day is part of the solution and will be billed to the customer (and I'll be paid for by my employer too). If that includes taking a nap, so be it. Results are what matter, as it should be. If someone ever starts saying I'm taking too long to do something I may consider changing my ways.

  • Trump Demands Biden Remove Ad of Him Insulting Dead Troops
  • The military doesn't attract the brightest minds.

    Reminds me of a joke that did the rounds shortly after Finland joined Nato.

    Finnish general: "You know, it's difficult, we have mandatory military service, but around 15% are unfit for service"

    Other Nato generals: "That 15% is where we have to recruit from"