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American Airlines passenger sued by FAA after being duct taped to seat
  • Way way more people fly now than back then. Like 4xs as much. Things like this will also be reported basically right away and go viral. I'm sure they had unruly passengers in the past, but the increase in people flying has increased the number of shitty adults flying as well.

  • How the far-right gained traction with Europe's youth
  • I think you're missing my point, I'm not defending what we have done over there, I'm explaining why the right has gained more traction. It's got nothing to do with the other crap they're trying to explain away as the cause. It's literally because of immigration, the amount of new violence that has shown up in the last 2 decades because of how they're letting in these extremist.

    Rising fascism in Europe is not a defense against the religious extremists. It is due to desire for continuity of personal comfort and freedom in the face of reckoning day, by ensuring those who they fucked over can't come near and try to share in their abundance of resources.

    It absolutely is, and the extremist who are showing up and marching and wanting to bring the issues and rule of law into democratic countries. The people see this, don't like it and vote for the group that says they put a stop to it.

    The truth sometimes hurts, but that's what's happening here.

  • How the far-right gained traction with Europe's youth
  • They won't say it out loud...even though it's a massive part of it. The youth are staring at a shit load of immigrants from hard right religious countries yelling at how they want to turn their country into a Shira law shit hole...but no it's the social media...

  • Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion pill mifepristone
  • You're joking right? Literally turned the SCOTUS red, and removed RvW all within the last few years. The red team continues to steamroll the blue team, all while the blue team just says they can't do anything cause they're going to get blocked by the red team...

  • Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion pill mifepristone
  • I'm sorry that you give the dems a pass, while the repubs seem to be just steamrolling shit into law. Either this country is not as left leaning as people think or the repubs get shit done with less support.